Wonder wash and swear: what you can and cannot do on Christmas eve

January 7 Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas. With this holiday involves a lot of traditions and signs. However, few people know that in this day there are several severe restrictions. It is considered, how will this important Orthodox holiday, so will the entire year. How to attract good luck this year, what can and should be doing for Christmas and what is to abstain, see below.

What can and should be doing for Christmas?

  • Caroling: to go from house to house and praise the birth of Christ. Those who brought good news to the house, made gifts to sweets, fruit, money.
  • Celebrate family holiday in a circle of relatives. Guests need to treat festive dishes.
  • Visit each other’s homes and exchange gifts. I’m sure many wondered what to give loved ones for Christmas. In this holiday decided to make edible gifts. For example, candy, Christmas pudding, jams and pickles.
  • Light the candles, lights, fireplace. This will help to bring the house warmth and richness. One candle is necessary to light for the deceased relatives.
  • Check that the tree was wearing a star. Because it is a symbol of the star of Bethlehem that heralded the birth of Jesus.
  • What not to do on Christmas?

  • January 6, not to eat meat and products of animal origin and on some days fish, wine and oil, because the Christmas fast lasts. On 7 January, all the restrictions are removed.
  • One of the main restrictions apply to the work. Women are not recommended to do crafts and household chores to sew, wash, knit, and embroider, and men to hunt and fish.
  • Not swearing and wishing people evil.
  • Despite the conventional wisdom, for Christmas is not recommended to guess. It is best to do it during the Christmas — January 8 to Epiphany.
  • Before Christmas I do not advise to make love. This is due to the Christmas post, which is considered a time of abstinence from everything, even from a sexual relationship.
  • At Christmas you can not clean the apartment and empty the garbage. This is due to the fact that religious holidays have more time to spend in communion with God, and not for household chores. Advised not to get out until January 14. In this day you need to collect all the garbage to make the streets and scattered to the wind or burn. According to the signs, then the evil spirits will not bother you for a year.
  • It is believed that at Christmas you can not wear old clothes — only new. Not clean, laundered, namely new, never been worn. And not to sit down for Christmas dinner in the black, otherwise in the new year will fail in business.
  • Before Christmas it is undesirable to go to the bath and wash. Such a prohibition is explained by the fact that the process was time-consuming, and the owners were busy with preparations. Also, it is believed that water helps a person to wash away your sins, and Christmas Christians wanted to deal with the cleaning itself.
  • What are the signs and traditions associated with Christmas?

  • If on Christmas day will lose any thing, it means that you can expect losses next year. But if you do, then money won’t be a problem.
  • If by chance for the Christmas table, poured tea or coffee, it is to the good news and great success for your endeavours.
  • If with 7 to 19 January often snows, and the tree is very frost — the year will be rich, satisfying and profitable. If on Christmas day it’s snowing — it promises a good year. If at Christmas in the sky is a young month — year will be unsuccessful in financial terms.
  • If Christmas night is a Blizzard, then spring will start early this year.
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