Watch and learn: a brief guide to high Jinks from England 80s

British photographer Dafydd Jones (Dafydd Jones) spent the 80s, documenting a variety of balls, receptions and University parties in all their drunken glory. In anticipation of the season of Christmas festivities, we invite you to look at what is happening there rough fun and maybe borrow some ideas or, conversely, to think in advance about the consequences…

William Knott and Edward hoar on the dance party in a private club “, Bulls”, London, 1981. Here and below the author’s comments about my photographs and what is happening to them.

The first attempts of cigar Smoking during the first debutante ball, which I happened to photograph.

A member of the club “Bullingdon” asleep on the bench during the May ball to celebrate the end of the academic year at the College of Christ Church, Oxford, 26 June 1981.

Lord Newall and dancer, limbo party, organized by Mrs. Yusuf, Masindi, London, 6 may 1982.

Mrs. Mazanti family fled from the revolution that happened in Iran. I think her husband worked for the Shah. After arriving in London, she began to invite the English aristocracy for their parties in Belgravia. Her party was much more informal and relaxed than regular dinner parties. I remember during one of them, while all danced on the tables, Nigel Dempster, said: “If only the Ayatollah we just saw!”, forcing all those present for a moment of silence.

Charlotte Stockdale, about 1985.

Bal scandalous Companies Pier Gaveston, 1983.

It was the last party “Pier Gaveston”, which I photographed. Dress code of the party was designated “the Garden of earthly delights” by Bosch.

Bal Royal military Academy Sandhurst, April 6, 1985.

Clive cook at the party organized by Oliver Baxter. London, 13 November 1981.

My style of photographing parties — to try to show the most interesting moments. I knew these guys and I don’t think they played especially for me. I didn’t look like a professional photographer, and people not always notice what I shoot. I used the little Olympus RC, which can focus in low light. It remains a little known classic. In fact, a large part of the evening was very boring. Perhaps that is why they grabbed the siphons.

Catherine Pearson at the ball “Chitwan” in Grosvernor House hotel, London, 22 July 1987.

Lady Henrietta Bathurst at the Ball, Cinderella. The hotel “Dorchester”, December 1980.

The Cinderella ball is a charitable event, to raise money for children affected by violence. For the era of punk, the audience here was very ordinary. I’m not working. Dressed in a tuxedo from the thrift shop, I convinced the organizers to let me in. In contrast to the modern events, I don’t remember any other photographer. I stayed at the ball long, because I had to catch the last train back to Oxford.

The may ball new College, Oxford, June 1986.

Debutante in the pond with lilies. Charles McDowell pushes Pop Vincent during dance evenings Martin Betts, Ascot, 23 July 1982.

Not a good idea to throw a party at the pond. I remember had a glass of wine, which slightly slowed my reaction, and managed to catch this shot at the last moment. Sticking out in the middle of the reeds look like a big splash and adds a shot of drama. Several people ended up in this pond, including the hostess. Unfortunately this time I missed.

Ball in celebration of Halloween, October 31, 1987.

“Burning the boat”, Oriel College, Oxford, 1984.

Each year the College won the four-day regatta rowing Eights Week, set fire to an old boat after dinner. Every time I had to get there before the doors were opened to outsiders. I tried to remain inconspicuous, until you hear loud shouts and rejoicing, and then there are the rowers and the boat was on fire. For me this picture symbolizes the ‘ 80s, the Big Bang and the time of Thatcher. It also looks pretty good upside down as an abstract composition.

The celebration after the competition rowers in Cambridge, June 1984.

Alexander Fidis-Walker dances with Sarah Fazakerly at the ball, of Trinity College, Cambridge, 15 June 1981.

In June 1981, I’ve never worked as a photographer, and I spent a week shooting the May balls to celebrate the end of the academic year in Cambridge. I slept most of the day and night shot. This evening I photographed the intruders, trying to get to the party, and then it got dark and the guard was relaxed so everyone could just go. The moment captured in this shot — early morning, so the light was a little. My camera was on slow shutter speeds. They’re just like a moment frozen in this wonderful position.

Ball “Blizzard” in Grosvernor House hotel, London, 7 January 1986.

Charity Ball of feathers at the Hammersmith Palais, London, December 1981.

This photo shows a very reliably what happened to these youth balls. She recently participated in the exhibition organized by magazine Tatler. At the exhibition opening was a woman, happy to learn a in the picture on the tights and earring.

Hammersmith, about 1985.

Dancing in the pond at the wedding of Ari Campbell McNair-Wilson and nick Ashley, Hampshire, 1984.

That’s what happens when you arrange a wedding ceremony on the shore of the pond.

Tamara Beckwith at the ball “Hitwave”, Grosvernor House hotel, London, 16 July 1986.

Asleep at party, London, 1985.

Natasha and Benjamin Fraser at dawn leaving the party, organized by John ASPINALL in Port Lympne, 1981.

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