They have a soul: in Japanese temples conduct memorial services for the dogs-robots

A Buddhist temple is quite a standard memorial service: incense, monk reading a Sutra. Only the dead at the ceremony is not quite normal. On this day in the Church burial service a broken robot dogs.

AIBO from Sony is the world’s first home robot dog, equipped with artificial intelligence. The first generation of robotic Pets was released in 1999, and the initial batch of three thousand dogs sold in 20 minutes, despite the high price. The robot was equipped with multiple sensors, camera and microphone, and the last generation could even speak.

Sony ceased production of roboplow in 2006 due to high competition in the market. Now, owners whose Pets are hopelessly broken, send them to a company FUN that they could be donors for those dogs that can’t be fixed. But before that owners accompany their Pets last journey.

On the altar in the temple formed a line of more than a hundred robots. Each hanging tag that says what the “dog”. It may seem strange that a priest conducts a memorial service on the inanimate creatures, but the owners roboplow believe that they have a soul.

For 70-year-old Hideko Mori death of robots was a disaster. AIBO lived in her house for about eight years, and the woman was always sure that it’s much easier than having a real dog.

“It is not necessary to feed, he writes. In fact, he simply raises his hind leg and emits a beautiful ringing. I never thought that it will not”.

In may 2017 AIBO just stopped moving. Concerned woman wrote to Sony, where it is proposed to apply to the FUN. And there is a dog on its feet for two months.

“I was so happy that he came home healthy.”

61-year-old company employee said that the owners of the robots I think its more a doctor than an engineer, because the word “repair” in this case is not very appropriate.

“For the owners of these AIBO robots is not technology, but a true member of the family.”

The main problem of the repair robots is time. “Treatment” can take weeks or even months due to shortage of spare parts. Dozens AIBO is now “hospitalized” and wait their turn. The only source of spare parts became “dead” robots, who become donors, but only after the ceremony in the temple. FUN employees say they do not dismantle the robots to pieces before the Requiem. After the ceremony the soul of the pet is returned to the owners, and robodog becomes a normal car, and then you can start working.

Now the memorial service robots many surprises. But there are more robots, equipped with artificial intelligence and, therefore, such ceremonies will become commonplace.

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