Octopus-addicts, chelovekov and other scientific discoveries of the year

So usual, that in December, the journalists begin to sum up the year in all spheres of human activity to give us a reason before Christmas plenty to be proud of the achievements of civilization. Most interesting, traditionally, are scientific research and development.

As always, the year science has made a huge step forward, deciding to set the global challenges that have occupied scholars since antiquity. No doubt, millions of dollars and months of laboratory research have been spent not in vain, and the Nobel Committee is wringing his hands in despair, not having the opportunity to choose the best of the best.

Cephalopods on drugs

The most crucial for humanity can rightly be considered the study of the behavior of octopus, under the influence of synthetic drugs. The researchers conducted a series of experiments with these cephalopods, sitting down on ecstasy and watching the reaction. Conclusions, alas, failed to do so. Therefore, if you during the rest of the sea will meet an octopus or squid “a substance”, to avoid communication — the behavior of marine life can be unpredictable!

The study of the feces of marsupials

Also not to mention the work of the Australian-British scientist tandem. Throughout the years were exhausting and dangerous work to study the geometrical shape of the feces of the marsupials. Since the Green continent humanity was tormented by the question — what is the secret cut of the feces of a kangaroo and a wombat? The results still await publication, but we already know that technology can be used in industry.

The creation of this hybrid of man and sheep

Not sitting idly by this year and genetics — American scientists attempted to crossbreed a sheep and a man, introducing into the embryo of an animal of the human cells. 28 days the fetus is successfully developed, while the experimenters did not destroy the creature, just in case that something happens. In the course of the experiment it was found that in the body of the sheep can grow human organs. Someday, when we grow morally and technologically.

The opening of the new pathology

U.S. doctors reported on an unequal struggle against the new disease, which has already been mowed several Americans, sending them to psychologists. People think that their body is inhabited by parasites, although no clear symptoms of this not. About results while to speak early, but maybe a vaccine from this disease appears much earlier than vaccination against AIDS.

What happens if you eat a rabid squirrel?

Yes, it is not only work, which is encouraging overseas doctors. Another study concerns the fatal disease — rabies. No, in 2018 have not learned to treat this disease, but examined the effect of meat rabid squirrels on the body of residents of the Midwest. In tight latex hand gloves of Aesculapius were the American, who has a strange and unpleasant symptoms. “Probably something you ate,” the traditionally assumed the doctors were right — the man was a lover… of squirrel meat.

We have a few more days until the New year, and it is probable that these days will happen even some kind of global discovery. If we learn about it, I immediately share with you!

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