Puppy, barely surviving after a fire, grew up and became a fire dog

The story began in April 2014. Firefighter bill Lindler from South Carolina once happened to notice that the neighbors lit one of the rooms. When they reached the building, bill without delay, rushed into the Inferno. In the corner of the room, he noticed almost motionless puppy named Jack. Judging by the burns, the baby stayed in the room for ten minutes and barely managed to get out from under the wreckage of burnt-out and collapsed on his ceiling. Fire immediately rendered first aid to a puppy and then took him to the vet. The doctors said that the baby is Jack’s body is 75% covered in burns 2nd and 3rd degree. Most of the animals in such cases does not survive.

Soon bill learned that his neighbors abandoned puppy, because he could not afford to pay for treatment at a veterinary clinic. The fire was not able to throw a wounded Jack in the lurch, and took him to his home. After several months of intensive treatment little Jack was strong enough that bill began to take him with him to work at the fire station.

And in December, the grown-up Jack became the official mascot of the fire station Hanahan. Together with his best friend and fellow dog goes to school lessons, which talk about fire safety.

Bill Lindler and rescued a puppy pit bull Jack.

75% of the body of the puppy was covered in burns.

Only a few animals, and people survive with so many burns 2nd and 3rd degree.

However, Jack proved to be strong small. Certainly not the last role was played by the fact that, while there was a process of recovery, the puppy know that he is loved and welcome.

The owners of the puppy are unable to pay for his treatment and threw the dog.

But the firefighter who saved Jack, immediately took him to himself.

The bill gladly accepted a new friend.

Jack became the official mascot of the fire station where bill works.

At the moment the grown-up Jack is trained and will soon become a service dog that determines the fact of arson at the fire scene.

Bill believes that their pit bull Jack fate.

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