Recipe “military coup” in Spanish: tons of flour, a mountain of eggs and a lot of fun

Every year on December 28 in Spanish town of IBI, Alicante province, hosts the festival of ELS-Invarinats, during which local residents organize a “military coup.” During the unusual celebration the participants dressed in pseudowindow form, are divided into 2 teams. One of them is Els Enfarinats (literally means “coated in flour”) – seizes power, making up stupid laws and trying to penalize people for noncompliance. And the other La Oposicio (“opposition”) — tries to get in the throes of revolution. As a weapon both use flour and eggs. All ends, as usual with the Spaniards, General truce, fun, dances and songs. And the money collected in fines is passed to charity. This fun tradition existed for 200 years.













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PHOTO: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

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