Almost 13 things that were once considered the devil’s creations

General hysteria about the threat of Satanism did not confine himself to the 1980-ies in the United States. If you delve into history, almost any object or phenomena unknown to the people, initially declared the devil. Musical instruments, forks, phones and even football — Satan was credited with many inventions.


In Ancient Greece the instrument, resembling a fork, used for cutting meat. However, the present application forks as Cutlery became widespread only in the VII century and began with the Middle East. It was a real revolution.

Plugs look a little intimidating, like little forks for the little demons. Why would someone want to shove this in my mouth? And people all over the world have come to believe that the plugs are the devil’s creation. Food was God’s gift and instrument of the devil was not supposed to defile it.

In the XI century in Italy, a Byzantine Princess ate the gold forks, and people began to treat her with suspicion and even fear it. When she died of the plague, people believed that God punished her for using forks for eating.

Musical instruments

Public fears about satanic rituals in the 1980s was largely associated with the popularity of heavy metal. But the music started to pick before the musicians began to use black clothes and pentagrams to attract attention.

In the Islamic tradition is rooted in the idea that all musical instruments invented by the devil. According to legend, Lucifer was jealous of Daud (the biblical David) because of his beautiful singing voice, so tried to surpass his natural talent with musical instruments. It was believed that music could damage the faith and cause madness.

In Syria believe that the flute, lute and tambourine created by the daughters of Cain, to celebrate the death of Abel. In Christianity in the Book of Ezekiel says that Lucifer was in charge of music in heaven before he fell into disfavor. Some people think that he retained his musical skills and is able to seduce through music.

The Smurfs

In the 1980s Jehovah’s witnesses decided that the Smurfs (and also almost all ever created the cartoons) are the imprint of the supernatural. In 2008, the Internet have spread rumors that homicidal doll-the Smurfs bit the kid. In 2011, the television preacher Dorothy Spaulding continued to spread the idea that these small blue fictional creatures — demons, who worship Satan. She told a story about a child who couldn’t sleep until his room is not sanctified, is not cleared of all the objects with the image of the Smurfs and not sprinkled with oil.

The game Dungeons and Dragons

In the game Dungeons and Dragons participants take on various roles, create characters, fight monsters and demons in a magical world. The game was invented by Gary Gygax. It is accompanied by a book and playing with a bone, and everything else depends on the imagination of the participants. Of course, who could be behind this, except Satan? The Christian community didn’t like it.

Once at the scene found a book of this game, and the media began to expose Dungeons and Dragons as the root of all evil. The game managed to get to work not only the imagination of the players, but also the imagination of parents that have removed the book from their children, burned it and swore that I heard in this hell of screaming.

The sign of the pacifists

It is obvious that many people do not understand the meaning of the sign of the pacifists, despite the fact that it the name suggests. Some are very creative, but obviously a paranoid Christian crusaders said that it is an inverted and broken cross. Of course, if you treat the symbols as a designer is to bend here, turn there, get what you want to see. I wonder what they would see in stained Rorschach.


The amazing thing is that for some Christians, even the cross is a symbol of the devil. Now does seem a little ominous that Jesus died on the cross, and his followers wear a cross in his honor. The logic is to accept the sacrifice that he brought in the name of human sins and appreciate it. Maybe there is no contradiction here.

But that’s not why the followers of the Great Church of God believe that the cross is the temptation of the devil that causes people to worship the pagan symbols and false gods. Their logic is much more perverted. The Babylonian God of nature, Tammuz is depicted by the capital letter “T,” but a lowercase “t” is similar to the cross, and this is the devilish detail.

Because the cross was not known as the symbol of Christianity before the Emperor Constantine, hence based on the assumption that the vision of the Emperor Constantine was sent to him by Satan, not God. In addition, proponents of this theory point to the fact that there were two ways of the crucifixion, and the Bible does not indicate which crucified Christ, and people just assumed that he was crucified it on the cross.


Many called the telephone an invention of the devil, especially preachers and priests. The rural population of Sweden believed that this magical invention will bring evil spirits in their home, but because the wires in them will be struck by lightning. The farmers cut all the phone lines on their lands, and devilish creature could only use the damn city dwellers. Community amantov (Amish) are also considered phone evil as separation from the sinful outside world is part of their moral code and that evil device is the way that Satan can get into their house.


According to the preacher Mange Funmilayo Adebayo, football is the invention of the devil, and the football Museum in Sao Paulo, Brazil — the temple worshipping false idols. The preacher says that mankind is doomed to remain divided after trying to reach heaven with the tower of Babel, when God confused the languages and people ceased to understand each other. Football unites culture, which, it seems, must remain separate from each other, and makes worship players.

Football is quite extreme from the point of view of the religion of sport, given the painted faces of the fans and the hymns, but the preacher claims that it is an integral part of the government’s plans to create a new world order and establishing the rule of the Antichrist. It also indicates that football promotes such sins as gambling, cursing, alcohol abuse, and even homosexuality and animal sacrifice.


Most know that Disney is one of the largest corporations in the world that earns billions and ruthless to competitors. About the company has come up with the craziest myths, to the extent that the head of its Creator is stored in the ice, despite the solemn assurances of relatives of Walt Disney, that he was cremated and has his ashes as evidence… As if someone might distinguish one from the other ashes.

The company was accused that it encrypts tempting messages and sexual images in his cartoons. Someone saw the logo three sixes, which a huge number of people believe that Disney is the devil.


Science often contradict religious dogmas. For this reason, in the past it was called the devil. It’s not just about the theory of evolution: researchers from all branches of the accused and that they are only deceivers, blasphemers and sons of Satan.

Galileo Galilei used a telescope to explore the starry sky, which, in the opinion of the Church itself has been sinful. Representatives of the Church refused to even look at it, as it was considered a tool of the devil. But when Galileo expressed his assumption that the Earth is not the center of the Universe and that it revolves around the Sun, it was the last straw. Instead of studying the evidence of the scientist, it in 1633, accused of heresy, his scientific publications were banned, and the rest of his life he spent under house arrest.

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