“It’s brilliant!”: 30 simple, but very useful inventions, which must be everywhere

While some people invent artificial intelligence, and make plans for the colonization of Mars, others focus on more simple tasks. But this does not mean that their contribution is less important! For example, inventions that we have collected in this rating could easily simplify the lives of millions of people.

Source: Bored Panda

Thanks to this device, it is possible to wash hands and use water to drain the water in the toilet. Very convenient and economical.

These handy lights can be seen even for large vehicles, which is not true of conventional traffic lights. By the way, the photo was taken in Ukraine.

This fountain of water could be saved from the thirst of not only people but also animals, because thanks to its construction, the excess liquid flows down, which falls in a special “bowl”.

Track by the beach, which can drive people in wheelchairs, because to spin the wheels on sand — not an easy task. By the way, mothers with young children is also a much easier life.

Button to call the Elevator in the distance. Until you get to the Elevator, it just opens.

For those who are annoyed by penetrating through a small slit of sunlight. Eminem this invention would love it…

In Copenhagen there is a special Playground for cyclists, where they can learn traffic rules before driving on the road.

Swing for baby and parent. Let the family bond will be even stronger!

Laundry with machines. Train, until the forward end of the wash cycle.

This bar has a strip of frosty with snow, you can put the drinks that they long remained cold.

Incredibly comfortable benches in Sweden.

The inscription on the bus will tell you when the time comes to change it.

But this device definitely will appreciate cyclists.

Details of the collapsible table sorted in order of installation. Now no need to think, “what and where to put it” in the first place.

The post with small tubes, through each of which you can see all the peaks of the Alps.

The timer on the box with the tablets, which shows how much time has passed since its last opening.

The transparent roof on the van courier service UPS saves the day for lighting.

This fence is curved in the form of benches so they could sit. The main thing is to get into the back pockets of all the gadgets and documents.

Foot handle on the door of the restaurant. For those who are afraid of germs.

Airless tires for the bike.

Line marking on the wall simplify the Parking process for many drivers.

A very useful invention! Shopping cart with a built-in calculator! Now you don’t need to blush at the checkout, if you pick up extra — early enough to summarize the whole product with the help of this device.

The memory map, which shows in percentages how much it run out of space.

Batteries that can be recharged from USB.

The backrest of this bench rotates to both sides so that people themselves could choose where to look.

The door in a public toilet, which… Oh, gods, no clearance!

These outlets in the hospital have different shapes, impossible to confuse.

Shirt with attached to it with a microfiber cloth for cleaning glasses! Don’t tell me that you don’t wipe your sunglasses at the edge of the garment.

A bus stop with a small library. To wait was not so tedious.

Special strip in a package of meat that shows how many days are left before it will go bad.

And which of these inventions you think is the most useful?

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