Inspiring examples of what miracles are able desire to lose weight and hard work

It is time to make plans for the year. Maybe 2019 is the time to quit Smoking? Maybe it’s time to learn a new foreign language? Isn’t it time to deal with them and start going to the gym? If you are still unsure what goal to set yourself in the new year, take a look at these inspiring examples and believe in yourself.

Dropped 92 pounds in two years.

Exactly three years ago and now. From 272 kg to 104 kg. To 9 kg less than target weight.

Minus 90 kg for two years.

This guy weighed 160,5 kg and suffered from diabetes, high blood pressure and plantar fasciitis. He dropped 80 pounds in a year, practicing six times a week and no longer suffers from diabetes.

From 111 kg to 65.7 kg.

2012 (138 kg) and 2016 (74,8 kg). The difference, which give nutrition, exercise and consistency.

Weight loss is 90% diet, 10% exercise and 100% psychological.

Over 90 kg.

Rayna dropped 44.5 kg when doctors told her that she could die from obesity.

Donna dropped 51 pounds in two years and became a fitness model.

Not ideal, but progress.

Carly lost a ton of weight from March 2015 until October 2016.

This Christmas card lost space of 158.7 kg.

From 120 kg to 65 kg in 18 months.

From 247 kg to 97.5 kg.

Two years and two weeks lost weight 75,5 kg.

Albina lost 63.5 kg.

Became a vegetarian and lost weight.

This woman has put on your New year goal is to weigh less than 200 pounds (90 kg) to the end of the year. The other day she achieved it, although there are still a couple of weeks before the New year.

Has lost 41 kg.

Dropped 82 kg, has acquired a new Outlook on life.

From 163 kg to 68 kg.

“When I started strength training, the fat was off of me like butter, and seeing progress was the most wonderful feeling and greatest in the life of the incentive for self-confidence”.

From 145 kg to 54.5 kg.

Dropped 154 pounds in three years.

“Something changes and something remains forever!”

“I weighed 181,5 kg, dropped 72,5 kg and starred in his first photo shoot”.

Laura dropped 52 pounds in two years and realized that at heart she’s a typical sonic.

Dropped to 72 kg.

Minus 45 pounds in a year.

With 226,7 kg to 88.4 kg.

Lost 28.5 kg in eight months and reached target weight.

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