The Princess also kakayut? 11 of juicy facts about girls that men are better off not knowing

Most people think that women are fragile and vulnerable beings, with perfect manners, excellent taste and a developed sense of beauty. Lady and the weaker sex, after all, practically an angel! To where we are!

But as it turned out, the girls can be “nasty”, and in some cases worse than any man. 11 these shameful facts perfect proof that women also of this earth.

The girls all the time soiled linen. Especially when they wear thongs… that’s Why they invented pads daily.

Women do not keep order in the car — the interior is littered with trash and junk. Yes, if you look inside women’s purses, very often there is also total chaos.

If you are going to live with a girl, be prepared once found in the bathroom “bloody” towel or something similar.

Girls farting under the blanket. Of course, you have to pretend that did not notice, though the aromas in the room are those still…

If you don’t know how girls use tampons, you are very lucky. This is quite unhygienic procedure, they are often done in public places…

It is unclear why, but the girls analyze the contents of your period. Every time you change pads, they consider it as if hoping to find something unusual. This is pretty disgusting.

Your first kiss they rehearse with various inanimate objects — pillow, tomato, mirror, palm and so on.

In winter almost every girl forgets this simple procedure like waxing your legs (and other body parts). Why? So after warmer!

They can wear the same bra for weeks and even months…

… the lower part of the chest they have all the time sweats. Now imagine the combination of ever sweaty chest and a bra two months ago!

And perhaps one of the most vile habits of the girls to press the pimples on the face! And if to push nothing, then she gets to you!

Well, you have seen that girls are not angels?

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