Hipster Christmas Nativity scene is, in the first place, ironically

The whole world seemed obsessed with remakes, sequels and adaptations of everything that has been created in the previous era. It is not surprising that the traditional biblical Nativity scene gave modern features. That’s what happened with the Christmas Nativity scene inspired hipster aesthetic.

Three wise men abandoned the traditional, but a bit outdated camels in favor of ultra fast Segway, eager to reach the baby Jesus. The gifts of the Magi, which in the original consisted of gold, frankincense and myrrh, replaced on products in the bestseller list of Amazon.

Joseph froze in the process of shooting the very legendary in the world of selfies, and the virgin Mary carefully pulls his lips.

If you look closely, you can see other funny similarities with the present. For example, feed for cows, gluten free, roof with solar panels, hand-knitted sweater on a lamb, perfectly coiffed mustache wax and binding device from Apple.

It is difficult to imagine how the creators of this Christmas scenes with a modern twist would make it even more hipster. Except that add a vintage bike model penny-farthing and vintage pocket watches.

By the way, it’s a hipster Christmas can be purchased for $ 129. Well isn’t that ironic?

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