10 flights where you have to take a seat at the window

For most people who flew the plane three more times, any flight, especially take up a lot of hours calls unless boredom and desire as quickly as possible to be in the destination. Involuntary idleness in the plane is filled with reading magazines, watching movies or trying to sleep most of the way, and runs under the bottom plane of the earth’s landscapes almost no time is given.

Sometimes this is absolutely no excuse because there are plenty of places on earth that are most effectively look from the air. And of course, these panoramas are stayed soft spots and spent without sleep hours. Taking tickets for any of the offered in our list flight, be sure to take a seat at the window.

1. From Frankfurt to Cape town

Flight duration: 9391 km / 14 hours

Cape town is one of the popular cities in South Africa. Classic flights from Frankfurt to long and even the direct link takes the traveler as much as 14 hours. But the spectacular views on offer when approaching a destination, more than compensates for all the inconveniences: table mountain, the Bay, the promenade and even a real African castle.

2. From Dubai to Hong Kong

Flight duration: 5438 km / 7 hours

The main financial hub of Asia, rich and incredibly beautiful Hong Kong is best viewed from the height of bird flight. Residential high-rises of Kowloon look like sinking into the sky like fangs of a Chinese dragon, coiled around a picturesque Bay. Procured himself a seat at the window, you take a closer look at beauty — for example, Victoria Peak and the skyscrapers daultana.

3. From Albuquerque to Las Vegas

The length of the flight: 781 km / 1 hour

Take a seat at the window on the right side of the aircraft following this route, and then you take the full journey directly over the great Grand Canyon. Flying it, do not try to clean far away the camera is, because you are already the largest U.S. reservoir — lake Mead and the famous Hoover dam. And the next memorable scenes will be the oasis of neon lights of sin City.

4. From Dubai to San Francisco

Length of flights: 13 002 km / 18 hours

Taking off from Dubai, don’t forget to take a last look at the spread below you, a panorama of the city. Now you can with the bird’s eye view to see the 162-storey “Burj Khalifa” — the tallest structure ever built by man. Next, you will fly directly over the North pole and, approaching the City by the Bay, first look look “Transamerica building” — the tallest building in the city. Such a contrast you will not find anywhere else.

5. From Hong Kong to Bali

Length of flights: 3456 km / 4 hours

On a clear day the Islands of Sumatra and Borneo closes the smoke from forest fires, this route is becoming one of the most picturesque on the planet. Exotic Equatorial climate, combined with varied topography (shrimp ponds, hills, tropical and mangrove forests, winding rivers, villages on stilts and mount Kinabalu) Borneo make the best target for air tours.

6. From Moscow to new York

Flight duration: 7500 km / 10 hours

It is with this flight begins the trip to America many Russian students in the program Work & Travel. To fly over Europe, cross the world and be in the city, which is the symbol and essence of America — if you have made this journey you will never forget it.

7. From Copenhagen to Nuuk

The duration of the flight: 3429 km / 5 hours

Although you are unlikely to want to leave Copenhagen, recognized as one of the most liveable cities in the world, it should be done for an unforgettable flight over the half of Scandinavia with its fjords and rugged forests to see down to the white desert and the huge icebergs, and possibly the Northern lights, when you find yourself over Greenland.

8. From Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires

Duration of flight: 1983 miles / 2 hours

The combination of mountains, lakes, forests and sandy beaches make Rio de Janeiro one of the most beautiful cities in the world, whose essence is revealed only from the height of bird flight. On the way to the Argentine capital, you’ll fly over the most famous beach in the world Copacabana beach, waterfalls, Igua and other places, begging for cards.

9. From Cebu to Hong Kong

The duration of the flight: 1706 km / 2 hours

Leaving Cebu and moving to the North, in the direction of Hong Kong, you will find yourself directly on the picturesque Northern part of the Philippines. Worth a look if only to mount Pinatubo (in the photo), what to speak about the countless lakes and Islands, surrounded by white sandy beaches and reefs.

10. From Santiago to Calama

The length of the flight: 4665 km / 7 hours

The plane flight Santiago — Calama for a long time flying over the snow-capped Andes. After about two thirds of the route jagged mountains suddenly pass into the desert — place where once was salt lake. At sunset, this area near Calama in Chile looks as devoid of life the surface of Mars.

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