Very impressionable — must watch! Fascinating Australia in the lens of a drone

Australia is known for its wild and unpredictable nature. Talented Amateur photographers decided to look at it from a height, offering the viewer a new and interesting angle. What came of it — see our material.

A fascinating picture of the wild Australian nature it is not always possible to capture in full. But what is impossible for a man to do, perhaps Drona. Stunning imagery of Australia with a bird’s eye allows you to see the most secret places of the Green continent.

Pool with ocean water Mona Vale — the best prospect is visible only from above. Drone pilot: Gab Scan (Gab Scanu)

Bridge Rock Coal (The Coal Cliff Bridge) from the height of bird flight

Group of photographers are self-taught were able to get beautiful landscape images of the rich nature of Australia using only a normal drone.

This new-fangled gadget is now at its peak. His ability to capture the most interesting details with height is widely used not only in photography but also in rescue operations. Using drones in Australia was saved not one human life.

Red reef rock Leveque on the North coast of Western Australia. Drone pilot: Gab Scan

Beach Smith, Perth, Western Australia. Drone pilot: Gab Scan

Kyle Gillespie (Kyle Gillespie) — one of the photographers involved in the project. He is engaged in aerial photography for four years. First, the guy was photographing the Australian landscape from an airplane, but with the advent of drones it work greatly simplified. To pick up a camera Kyle pushed the unpleasant fact that sports injury.
Rocky slopes of the cliffs in dunsborough, Western Australia. Drone pilot: Kyle Gillespie

Fremantle harbour on a winter day. Drone pilot: Kyle Gillespie

“I photograph the waves and the beach to Express my love and gratitude to the earth where you grew up, which gave me the best memories,” says the photographer.

Often Kyle asking permission to use his shots. Many people turn to him with a request to photograph their favorite places. He gladly goes to meet everyone.
Eucalyptus forest in Perth. Drone pilot: Kyle Gillespie

Orange reefs and turquoise ocean near Broome. Drone pilot: Kyle Gillespie

If you are impressed by these pictures and you have a burning desire to acquire the drone, keep in mind that they are very different. To get exactly what you need, carefully read the specifications. Otherwise money will be wasted, and instead of beautiful frames will abstract a weakling.

Waterfall Jim Jim in Kakadu National Park. Drone pilot: Jason Futrell (Jameson Futrill)

Fields of tulips in Tasmania in the spring. Drone pilot: Jason Futrell

A group of whales near Byron Bay. Drone pilot: Jason Futrell

Prices for drones range from 100 to 10,000 dollars, depending on the model. The whole point — the camera and digital picture resolution. Also important is the mobility of the gadget and the ability to shoot at different angles. Working time is also directly depends on the price — the more expensive and steeper drone, the longer he can stay in the air.
Mount Tinbeerwah in the sunlight. Drone pilot: Jason Futrell

Containers at the port of Adelaide. Drone pilot: Bo If (Bo Lee)

Palm trees next to the fields in the Barossa valley. Drone pilot: Bo Lee

Here they are, these little helpers-drones. With their help, we open the world. Take stunning shots with this miracle of technology can you. But most importantly — love what you shoot, then your photos will not leave anyone indifferent.

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