A second before. Part 2

At numerous requests of workers published a second series of images of the last moments before the crash. Today you will see a dancing fly, lemur rude and very greedy cyclist.

1. Gratuti!

2. Here is a twist!

3. A second before at the eye doctor more work.

4. A death dance.

5. “I have not yet photographed!”

6. A second before he grabbed the tail and became even funnier.

7. And they died in one day.

8. It is better for him at school soon not appear.

9. Came into the match — watch the game.

10. A second before the friendship came to an end.

11. Maybe the beast just wants to cuddle?

12. Tyra snuck up on me.

13. Did muck — joy to the heart.

14. All right, fall.

15. A second dismissal.

16. Oops, tweet!

17. The change of composition.

18. A second before the guy finally cheered. And then hesitated techlite.

19. May God grant him health.

20. Well, on the soft fell.

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