On the side: the other America through the lens of the photographer-punk Mike Brody

Mike Brodie left home at 18 years of age, then began his journey. Trains and people who travel with them (not exactly legal methods), or four years, Mike wandered around America, photographing the casual fellow travelers. Since his journey ended, he served for five years did not take in hands the camera.

Mike was born in 1985 in Florida. On the Internet, he is better known as The Polaroid Kidd. His photographs — is the story of a non-existent country within the United States, which is inhabited by those whom the American dream has kicked to the curb, those who are always on the go, for whom life — ongoing search and move (often in a direction known only to them).

These people have their own understanding of happiness, a little similar with the “hamburgers” of Republicans and Democrats. They don’t have to go home because their house is always behind, and all they need is placed in the chest. The photographer only offers a look into the eyes of these travelers.

Mike these people are much more interesting is shaved inhabitants of the cities — all those dead slave-like creatures whose life is a photocopier, a TV and a blow-job after working in a successful Corporation. His pictures urge us to free ourselves from patterns in my head.

During his travels Mike has always been a friend of his Polaroid SX. “I love Polaroids. Anyone who thinks that it is vital all these modern gadgets, let him come on my show,” says Brody.

1. I was born in Mesa, Arizona, in 1985. I’ve never seen the Grand canyon. My grandmother drove a wagon, and grandpa loved car racing. My grandmother died from cancer, she gave me to pull out my hair. Grandfather once touched my dick, I didn’t see it.

2. My dad said that he was stoned when he married the mother, said that “fucked hundreds of bitches.” One day he flew out of the car, struck his head on the windshield and survived. He fought with five police officers in our kitchen, all the door of my bedroom was in the traces of the “wild cherry”. Dad went to prison.

3. I fell in love with a girl named Sabrina, and once we are together eating ice cream, one spoon. She was wearing bright pink tights. Her mom was friends with my mom. She became a drug addict. I saw her mom sells the ring for a dime. I thought she sold it for ten cents.

4. I haven’t seen Sabrina for many years, and then accidentally ran into her. She had black lipstick, she was a goth. She gave me her phone but I never called. In second grade I was caught masturbating right in the classroom.

5. In fourth grade I won first place in the essay contest. The class teacher taught me that wearing the same pants two weeks in a row — this is normal, it has become my principle. In fifth grade I started wearing glasses. In seventh grade I wrote the word KORN on the knuckles, as the name of the group, with a reversed R. I did this only because he saw the inscription on the fingers at the other guy.

6. In 1996 my dad got out of prison and took me to the movie “Twister.” He stole a BMX bike and gave it to me for birthday. I had to return.

7. My mom had a boyfriend who took her to nudist beaches; it was the guy who broke his leg when jumping with a parachute; she had a guy who said he was a marine, he served in the Tour de France, what a wedding we will have purple costumes. He lied — he went on x**. I saw mother kissing Mexican bum. I wish my mother now had a boyfriend.

8. Mom crying, if I remember only the bad — for example, when dad came home, and from his mouth smelled like gasoline because he sucked it to his red El Camino 2. Mom was revived in the faith, so that I was reborn. I was baptized, fully dressed, and I began to believe in God. Mom quit drinking.

9. Mom worked hard: she wipes old people Asses and clean their house. I told her that I was going to wipe her ass when she’s old; she said she’d rather die.

10. Dad went to prison for nine years. I visited him four times and once cried. My mom and brother Jake moved to Florida when I was fifteen. From the bright white sand in my eyes. I got to work — packing the products in the store. In high school I won first place in the painting competition and first place in the BMX competition. I was packing my groceries and ride my bike.

11. Girls I didn’t like, but then I met Savannah. She was a punk. She took my virginity; I was seventeen. We tried to have sex on the sink in the bathroom and it broke off from the wall. I lied to my mom about how broken sink. Savannah taught me how to drive a car and was taken to my first punk concert. I was fired from my job, I quit school in the 12th grade, and stopped believing in God.

12. I was arrested for graffiti. A friend gave me a Polaroid camera I found it in the back seat of the car. I took the handle of his large, and it turned out amazing, so I began to take off. A guy named Gabe filled my first tattoo, I got on the train and went to Jacksonville.

13. I moved to Philadelphia and lived with an underground rock band. Returned to Florida.

14. In the summer, in the heat, I jumped on a train that went to New Orleans and photographed a girl there named Ali. She was very beautiful. On her arm was a tattoo. Three days after New Orleans was hit by a hurricane. I didn’t photograph.

15. I went to San Francisco and there gave some guy to take my dick in her mouth, but I’m not. I took a picture of it on your Polaroid.

16. I photographed Monica with her bird and she introduced me to Paul. Paul likes what I do.

17. I moved to Philadelphia and made himself a tattoo on his arm like Ali’s. Then I took a picture of a guy who liked my tattoo on my arm. I gave him the same; can someone then got a tattoo.

18. Polaroid stopped off and I bought a Nikon for $ 150. I have traveled on trains 50 000 miles and made 7000 photos. I took first place and won $ 10,000 for the photo contest. The money I gave to mom.

19. I became known on the Internet.

20. I deleted my website, stopped to take pictures, again went to school, became the mechanic of the rolling stock.

21. I quit my job as a mechanic, but learned how to operate diesel locomotives. Again started taking pictures.

22. Paul introduced me to Jack. Jack has thirty years of publishing books. It prints a collection of my photos. I don’t think about how to get rich, but I want to make a million dollars.

23. I don’t want to be famous, but I hope that my work will remember forever. I’m not sure I want anyone to read it.























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