How to draw pictures for Christmas, running with a GPS tracker

The Englishman who love to run, used a GPS tracker to draw Christmas pictures on the map. 40-year-old Owen Delaney was ran by Santa Claus, snowflake and a Christmas tree using a running app Strava, which marks the routes using GPS. Obtained images you can share with other users.

The man began to make drawings move, when he realized that the Diana fountain in Bushey Park next to his house in Teddington in South West London — an excellent nose for the reindeer Rudolph. Owen spent hours planning each run, some of which took several hours.

The father of two children running for 12 years. “I started doing the drawings for the sake of entertainment, really. The idea first came up a couple of years ago when I did something similar for online competition,” says runner.

“I had no plans to continue after the first pictures, but some of my friends liked it, so the next day I made a drawing of Santa Claus, but then I thought that it would be necessary to do each day something new until Christmas. In my youth I did a lot of comics and sometimes painted by hand Christmas cards. I think it’s a similar theme, but I never imagined that I will be able to use the Park instead of canvas. Technology has opened up new exciting ways of creativity.”

Owen Delany posted his pictures in the Internet and got positive response from thousands of people. “I was just shocked by the attention it all attracted. And that’s fine, everybody seems to like it. I received so many lovely comments from different people. This is what motivates me to continue. We could all use something simple and joyful this year, I think,” says the fan running.

The longest run was Santa Claus (11.4 km), and the shortest — Christmas ball (1.9 km). “I like that it makes people smile. Although my children are a little embarrassed by all of this. I show them pictures after completing a run, and they just look at me with strange eyes as if I was crazy. Children are very smart”.

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