7 stunning outfits made from unexpected materials

Modern fashion shows are more like the space idea on which things models play not the first role. But, thankfully, not yet extinct designers cling to their creativity, not just creative flow.

They are rarely seen in Paris and Milan, but in the Internet they are real celebrities. These include Facon Sylvia (Sylvie Facon) with its fantastic costumes, breathtaking.

This dress is called “Tribute books” because Sylvia Facon made it out of vintage roots folios.

In General, the creation of the dress took 250 hours of work!

And I think it was worth it.

Looks simply amazing!

And that outfit in the style of “old town”, which combines several materials.

How long Sylvia was working on this dress, it is hard to imagine…

This dress is a designer devoted to her native city of Arras, the region Of Haut-de-France.

Just look what a fine job!

This dress called “Homage to music”. Not difficult to guess why.

Because to create the girl used the details of this violin!

A musical instrument is depicted on both the front and back of the outfit. The hem of the dress is made in the form of sheet music.

When creating this image Sylvia Facon used herbal motifs.

And this delicate outfit called “Forest nymph”.

Dress “Gifts of autumn”.

According to Sylvia Facon, his creation inspired by her illustrations Didier Graffe.

Stunning dress called “Mushroom”. Just look at what the amazing color combination. Sylvia Facon very talented.

Delicate and exquisite dress “Vegetation”.

As you can see, in his works, Sylvia uses completely different materials, but, in any case, her outfits get unusual and magical.

And which dress did you like best?

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