12 horror movies that we’d like to celebrate the New year

Why is it assumed that the New year is a family holiday. Many used to celebrate it, choking Olivier with his parents or in a drunken stupor with friends. But you can make the most of the opportunity when everyone hated you people are busy with gluttony, and devote the evening to myself. Just imagine: darkness, the sinister lights of garland, a scary tree, a Mandarin and a horror movie. We’ve compiled a little survival guide for introverted new year’s eve.

“Black Christmas” (Black Christmas, 1974)

Chilling netlenka Bob Clark was photographed in 2006, but who’s going to watch a remake when the original version suffocate Olivia Hussey (I played Juliet Franco Zeffirelli). The plot of College students just wanted to celebrate Christmas on campus, but ran into a psychopathic maniac, as always happens in a decent slasher. The screenplay was inspired by an urban legend about a series of murders in Quebec during Christmas time.

“Silent night, bloody night” (Silent Night, Bloody Night, 1974)

More than twenty years, the huge house was empty, because everyone was convinced that the owner is long dead. But the owner of the house on Christmas eve makes loving neighbors and people who sneak into his house, surprise returns with a large axe at the ready. Wilfred Butler — the so-called long-suffering owner — full movie tries an axe kick dirty teenagers from your own home, and those bastards give it back.

“You better watch out” (You Better Watch Out, 1980)

This movie can be found also under the title “Christmas evil” (Christmas Evil). On Christmas eve the distant 1947, the little boy Harry had received a severe psychological trauma, when I saw my mother for the pleasures with the old man Santa. Since the roof of the boy went far, far away Lapland. So grown-up Harry, already a doll factory worker, enters the lists of good and bad children, and then completely trashes everything that comes to hand.

“Good night” (To All Good Night, 1980)

As in any film genre slasher, maniac hunts for teenagers with raging hormones. A maniac in a Santa suit, so teenagers are a little on edge. It became a cult film in the US, but almost unknown in Russia. And sorry, instead of “Blue light” is much nicer to look at a chopped wound and splashes of fake blood.

“Do not open before Christmas” (Don’t Open Till Christmas, 1984)

Before released film “love actually”, the British whiled away the boring Christmas evening with a horror movie in 1984. The guy with the girl going to a costume party, and the girl’s father dressed up as Santa Claus. Dad killed on the stage during the speech, and everyone indulges in unrestrained investigation, as in any British film.

Gremlins (Gremlins, 1984)

Small nasty toothy monsters cute and fluffy, until you hit them with water, bright light or feed after midnight. That’s when the real fun begins, and vile monsters destroy everything that comes your way, and attack people. Look at least in order to see how the gremlins scatter Christmas gifts and spoil the food. Beauty!

“Elves” (Elves, 1989)

As we all know, Santa Claus helps in the production of gifts by the elves. Well, not on eBay, he commissioned them, in fact. But once the elves are tired of this slavery — there is no social insurance benefits and higher wages (some wages do not exist). So they ganged up on the people who one day woke up and decided to create as much as a new race, and people to destroy.

“Satan Claus” (Satan Claus, 1996)

What was the reason behind the craze for movies of questionable quality with a maniac disguised as Santa Claus, remains a mystery. In this variation of Santa Claus creates the perfect Christmas tree from body parts of the victims, who were perekupil around new York.

“The Snowman” (Jack Frost, 1997)

Maniac driven to the place of execution, but as a result of a car crash car collides with a van which is a load of government — a chemical compound that can revive the dead substance. After a disaster, this compound was in the genetic code of the offender and in the snow. So there was a sinister Snowman who deal with all cases sentenced maniac.

“Santa killer” (Santa’s Slay, 2005)

Comedy horror movie — a great option if you don’t want to be freaked out and afraid of the Christmas tree. Santa is played by wrestler bill Goldberg. There is already Santa is not only a maniac but a demoniac. If you prefer suspense funny the massacre, then this is your option.

“Caked” (The Grigerdead Man, 2005)

Ginger cookies in the form of men — a mandatory attribute of the Christmas, almost like tangerines or Olivier for the New year. Directed by Charles Bando went on the ideas of the maniac Santa Claus. He took the story about the maniac, whose soul is moved into ginger, his mother, cookie. Moreover, the film has a whole set of sequels and an army of fans.

“Bloody Santa” (Saint, 2010)

The movie can be found also under the name “Santa froze”. It was filmed in the Netherlands and tells about Saint Nicholas — the same Santa Claus, but in the European version. And it’s not good-natured old man, who fumbles in the chimneys to leave under the tree gifts, and maniac psychopath who opens the hunt for the children on Christmas eve.

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