How to make Christmas toys with their hands

New year — a holiday of magic and wish fulfillment. Naturally, you want to make this holiday memorable for a long time and was special. And what could be more special than decorating the tree with your own hands? After all, the Christmas tree is the Queen of the New year. And the Queen need to decorate accordingly.

Offer you some ideas for making original Christmas ornaments with their hands.

1. Fill transparent balloons with decorative candy sprinkles or beads.

2. For these hearts. These are made of polymer clay with the addition of the scent of cinnamon and apples. So they are not, but they smell!

3. You can decorate the transparent balls are fragments from the old drive. Get a kind of Christmas disco ball.

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4. Shiny moustache — the hit of the season.

5. You can draw a reindeer with one thumb print.

6. Toy made of yarn look very warm and cozy.

7. Toys also can be made from paper — it is sufficient to find the appropriate user manual origami.

8. And if instead of a simple paper to take the old map will be more “global” toys.

9. You can make flowers out of paper.

10. And to make these paper toys, do not need to be an expert in origami.

11. Make a Christmas pickle on the tree! Looks very “refreshing”.

12. Copper buttons and balls of foam can make unusual toys on the Christmas tree.

13. Make a great ornaments from salt dough and stamps.

14. These blocks look very modern. Besides to make them simple.

15. Balls can make even old rugs.

16. Polymer clay for these pretty plates with bright stamped patterns.

17. The boring pattern on the toy you can simply glue the paper. Looks original.

18. Melt inside clear balloons coloured pencils to achieve this effect of divorce.

19. You can hang on the tree pointers.

20. Your child has a lot of unneeded plastic toys? Paint them and give them a second life in the form of Christmas toys.

21. Well if this tiny sweater does not convince you that it is time to learn how to knit, nothing will convince.

22. Mini mittens pursuit to the sweater.

23. You can make wire names and tie them with beautiful threads.

24. Make a needle out of cardboard.

25. There is a special paint, which when dry allows you to write on it with chalk as blackboard. Great for Christmas decorations, because you can write anything.

26. And you can just decorate your Christmas tree here these mini-boards.

27. Love Harry Potter? Make your own Golden Snitch!

28. Or a toy in the form of the Death Star from LEGO, if you’re a fan of “Star wars”.

29. Polymer clay can also be done here such fingerprints with a cloth. It’s a very delicate and airy toys.

30. Snowflakes out of pasta is a great toy.

31. Birds also love the New year. Make a sweet bird feeder.

32. You can melt beads and make such toys.

33. And felt to make a cute flat balls with different patterns.

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