Artist Mar Cuervo and her strange pleasure in the destruction of the desserts

We live in Los Angeles artist Mar Cuervo, it seems, two passions — the anger and the food. And often these two things the girl perfectly. “I started with the fact that I started collecting caught my attention, called “edible objects”, because they were soft and fragile and, it seemed, and cried that they destroyed and smashed”. Mar plays his little performance with a variety of desserts, squeezing and crushing them. And the result is a series of mesmerizing gifs, which strangely brings unimaginable pleasure.

Work Mar Cuervo may seem childish, but they have some promise. The artist uses his anger against the fear of society before the anger and obsession all perfect. Usually negative emotions are silenced and ignored, but, according to Mar, this is perhaps one of the strongest emotions that the person is capable of and thanks to which we decide to change in your life.

And we also thought it was a great way to cope with stress!

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