Adult games, or Why do men play with dolls

Childhood ends and the adult continue to play. These dolls look so natural that at first glance it is difficult to distinguish them from real women. Many men have a secret desire to play with this toy, but few admit to it. Meet three brave individuals who are not afraid to talk about their favorite dolls and why they replaced them with real women. Juicy details about their lives with sex robots read on.

The perfect woman for not the perfect man. Here she is sitting next to him on the couch, dressed in a leather corset, holding a can of beer and doesn’t ask questions. Crystal silicone favorite companion of nick, which he always takes with him.

Price men’s happiness — 6000 pounds (512 000). The truck driver did not regret the money for his doll, which he calls a stunning “toy for boys”.
Krystal is the perfect woman for nick. They watch football together and drink beer

Blonde Kristal is one of those realistic dolls that made a splash in the market of sex toys in recent years. Nick is one of the many men willing to pay a rather big amount for a partner of plastic.

Every part of the body of the doll is made individually, at the client’s discretion. Everything from hair and eye and to the fingertips can be done at the request of the buyer. You can even choose the shape of their nipples and the texture.

Customers can choose from 11 variants of the shape of the vagina, “wider” or “narrower”, or clitoris of any size. By the way, you need to pay another 80 pounds (6 800 rubles), if the buyer wants the doll was pubic hair.
Nick says he plays with crystal role-playing, and is how she punishes him

For people mentioned in our article, the experts of the University of Manitoba came up with the term “Vitocal”. Many criticize and condemn them, calling it inappropriate and disgusting. One of the opponents suggested that such games can lead to disorders of sexual nature and violent behavior with women.

But what makes men choose sex robots? Three of the so-called virtasalo told about it.

“I embrace crystal, when you feel lonely or tired”

33-year-old Nick gets into bed together with your girl doll crystal, every time he was lonely. He admits he embraces her, if he had a bad day.

A truck driver from Ontario spent 6205 lbs (512 000 rubles), the woman of his dreams. He bought it from one of the renowned manufacturers, Abbyss Creations, in March 2017.

He came up with the appearance of beauties with blond hair and blue eyes like pictures journals that regularly thumbed.
Crystal is worth more than £ 6,000 (512 000 rubles), but Nick never regretted my expensive purchase
Each part of the doll, from eye color to texture nipples are made to order

Once the man chose the color of skin, shape, nipples, and even makeup for the doll, he was ecstatic when I first opened the box with his beautiful. But Nick had sex with a toy, only two weeks after “Dating”. Before that, he sat beside her on the sofa, and they just “had coffee”.

A childless bachelor, Nick says that he was once a long-term relationship with a woman. But after having sex with her man has not experienced the same pleasure as with a doll.
Nick waited two weeks before having sex with crystal, and just drank coffee with her

“Making love with the crystal perfectly. But it does not like sex with a real girl” — shares his revelations to man.

Nick likes to invite crystal dates

His family and close friends know about the doll, but a man does not want to “Shine” and shows it only to those guys who have such toys.

“I think that society is not yet ready to see men arm in arm with dolls,” says Nick.

“I like intense affectionate pats and kisses”

Evil (Izla), computer consultant at age 60 was first introduced to realistic sex dolls when you were completely morally depressed after a failed relationship.

His second marriage lasted 23 years, the man has two adult sons. He dated different women, until I saw the sex robot on the Internet in 2014.
Diana’s first doll Isle. According to him, with her he felt complete freedom for the realization of their fantasies
Evil says he feels at 60 for 20 years. Tiffany is one of six dolls men with whom he has sex four to five times a week
Each of the dolls is delivered in a special box

Passionate sex with robots, he bought as many as six pieces and now feels completely satisfied.
The programmer likes to bathe and dress their dolls

“I’m not interested in a romantic relationship with real women. It’s my choice, my lifestyle, like how to be a vegetarian. I am no longer young and want to live the rest of his years happily,” says the Evil.

For “Sweet rider” man chose a long face and makeup “smokey eyes”

He feels free in life together with dolls. They don’t call and don’t say “no”. A man plays with them in role play, like to kiss and fondle. In addition, the Evil regularly bathes and dresses her dolls.
Evil is proud of her “girls” and not hiding them from prying

Diana was the first doll that he bought in 2015. He recalls that his hands were trembling with impatience, and he immediately dragged her to the bed. The desire still remains strong.
Tiffany’s Christmas gift men

Evil even invented a bath ritual for your sex toys. He spent hours combing their hair, trying on new wigs and jewellery. The man dresses well and is closely monitoring the cleanliness and safety of the dolls.
Erin — b/a the doll that the programmer was purchased from the previous owner

“At first I kept it in the basement, and then began to buy her clothes”

For T. J. buy a sex doll Tasha was well thought out. Before that, he consulted with his wife, which, according to men, is his best friend. The wife has health problems — she suffered several serious illnesses and is not feeling well currently. But, despite this, the relationship between them is still good.

A man calls the doll a “substitute” wife says that the wife not jealous of him to a silicone toy. She can’t have sex with him because it hurts her, so allow her husband to relax with Tasha.
Tasha takes his wife T. J., the duty of marital debt, as the woman can not lead a normal sex life due to health
T. J. says that he feels with Tasha directly

The man bought a doll from her ex — previous owner. The first time he saw Tasha, he realized that she was what he was looking for. After purchasing T. J. kept it in the basement, and then bought a sex robot his clothes and took from a hiding place.

T. J. also spends time with the doll, sitting on the couch watching TV. He says she’s got personality and your style — so-called “Jersey girl” who likes to drink beer, eat pizza, and that gorgeous hair.
He says that Tasha is a real “Jersey girl”

T. J. says that doing all that Tasha was happy in bed. It is important for him “sexual understanding”, so he always asks the doll what she wants, as it did before with his wife.

“I hug and kiss Tasha stronger than his wife because it does not cause her pain,” the man says.

Harmony is the latest novelty among silicone sex robots. She is now undergoing final stages of testing

So whether the silicone doll is to displace real romance and Dating? Professor Kathleen Richardson, the founder of the movement against sex robots, argues that the fascination with such toys can result in sexual disorders and violent against women.
On the website you can choose for your doll away from face and body

Here they are — adults playing with dolls. Everyone decides what to do behind the closed door of his bedroom, but to replace a real relationship with a real person game is impossible. Thus, men try to escape from the problems and quarrels with live partners or to brighten up his loneliness. What do you think, will the sex robots in the future to replace real women?

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