Donald Trump backed to WIN US election after first debate – ‘Biden hasn’t got a hope!’

Last night, Mr Trump and Democratic hopeful Joe Biden clashed in one of the most rancorous presidential debates in history. But an poll believes there was only one true winner.

In the wake of the debate, readers were asked: “US election POLL: Will Donald Trump or Joe Biden win presidential vote?”

The poll ran from 8.30am to 10pm on Wednesday.

A staggering 2,896 people cast their vote with 82 percent (2,407) backing the Republican to win in November’s vote.

Just 15 percent (389) voted for Mr Biden while three percent (100) opted for ‘don’t know’.

Responding to the poll, one person said: “When Trump said, ‘I have done more in 47 months for the American People than you have done in 47 years’, he was spot on and that is why he will win the election!

“Socialism does not employ people or put money in their pockets.

“Trump is a businessman who knows how to make money for the American people and that is what will win him the election.”

A second said: “It’s going to be another Trump landslide.

“Biden hasn’t got a hope.”

A third wished the UK had a Prime Minister like Mr Trump.

A fourth claimed the recent rioting and looting across the US has played into Mr Trump’s hands.

They said: “A Trump win, no contest.

“The extreme Marxist left have been rumbled by the American voter.

“Riots and looting in the streets played into Trump’s hands.”

Others were more concerned over the future of the US regardless of who wins the vote, which is just weeks away.

One said: “Trump vs Biden for the most powerful person in the world.

“Is this the best the USA has to offer?

“What the hell has happened to them over there?”

During the 90-minute debate in Cleveland, Ohio, the two men traded blows with each other.

Mr Trump accused the Democrats of trying to steal the election with mail-in ballots, which he claimed would open the door to voter fraud.

The Republican president repeatedly ignored calls by Fox News presenter and moderator Chris Wallace to allow Mr Biden to speak.

Mr Trump was reprimanded for repeatedly interrupting his opponent and at one time Mr Biden hit back and said: “Will you shut up, man?”

The President also faced criticism after failing to condemn white supremacists.

There was persistent name-calling from both sides, with Mr Biden branding the president a “clown” and “Putin’s puppy” and dubbed him America’s worst president ever.


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