“Why artificially limit the love?”: how to live polyamory

Noni — paniamor. She has two boyfriend, with both guys she has a serious relationship. 23-year-old Scottish girl from North Berwick said that in a monogamous relationship she feels trapped, no matter how likes partner.

Noni and Morgan

“There is nothing wrong to live with one partner. But I just don’t understand why you need to artificially limit the love that I bring to the world. I’m insatiable, I love it when people love me,” said Noni.

Polyamory is the ability to have multiple novels at the same time, with the consent of all partners. Noni says that this may include non-monogamous practices such as the swing, but the girl in the foreground are a relationship with a man. Noni’s Dating 27-year-old administrator Morgan and 24-year-old Oliver, a graduate of the theatre school.

Morgan girl met on Tinder a few years ago. At that time the guy was Dating a girl named Hanni, and they are still together.

“Polyamorie introduced me to Hanni. When I mention this people are surprised. In their understanding, open relationship is always initiated men, because it means lots of sex. More communication and a little more sex,” said Morgan.

According to Morgan, Hanni at the moment with anyone else but him not found, but happy for the guy and his relationship with Noni.

Noni and Oliver

Oliver — “meta” Morgan. Meta — term polyamorous, which is called the partner of your beloved with whom you have no sexual or romantic relationship. Oliver and Noni’ve been Dating for about a year and a half. They met at an arts festival fringe in Edinburgh a couple of years ago and started Dating after he participated in the show in 2016. Oliver says that Noni told me that she poliamory.

“Noni is what it is, and it’s great,” said Oliver.

However, Oliver admits that much thought before to begin a relationship with a man who already has a partner.

“It’s not that it was a problem. I was just thinking, could this be a problem in the future? When you just start Dating is one thing, but when the relationship becomes more serious, the question arises: “is all right Now, but suddenly I begin to be jealous then? Maybe I’ll be different about that?” But then I realized that I just like Noni and I will be with her.”

Due to the fact that their relationship is open, Oliver are free for other girls and can meet with anyone.

“If it happens, okay, but I’m not looking for anyone specifically. But do not abandon this idea”.

Noni said that she would be happy if Oliver met a nice girl.

Noni is much more often seen with Oliver, because they live nearby, but with Morgan she talks to every day. The girl claims that she has no favorite, and relationship with each guy is completely different.

“It’s the same thing to choose between chocolate and theatre — I love both. No matter how much I love one, the second will not remain without attention. Relationships can take different forms, but to me they are equally important.”

A very important aspect of polyamory — protection from sexually transmitted diseases.

“Use condoms, and inform the partner when suddenly you’re with someone don’t use them, it is important that the relationship was safe. If I get something, I can pass it on to the partner and his “meta”, and further down the chain.”

Although Noni was only 23, she insists that polyamory is the lifestyle that she wants to stick with, and does not believe that this will prevent her starting a family in the future.

“I know a lot of polygamous men, who have children. It is believed that polyamory is pure sex. But it is not necessary to arrange an Orgy. The view that a child needs one mother and one father, and obsolete”.

Noni claims that, although polyamory is not new, it’s still taboo.

“People practice polyamory since the beginning of time. But Scotland is very monogamous. The more we communicate with people and talk about it, the more acceptable it becomes, slowly but surely. I would not say that we are ahead of the rest, but we definitely create an environment for healthy society.”

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