19 stories from pregnant how big belly puts pressure on the brain

During pregnancy a woman’s body there is a global biological restructuring. So global, that it affects even the brain. How else to explain all of these incidents reported by the participating community Buzzfeed? It all happened with real people pregnant. Incredible!

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“I came home and thought that it would be necessary to check the answering machine. Then stood in the kitchen and tried to remember where I got the answering machine, until I realized that I have no answering machine for more than 12 years” (Sierra Shelton (Cierra Shelton)).


“I couldn’t get the microwave to work. I clicked on “Start”, but it was not included. When I started crying, my husband came home, closed the door to the microwave and pressed the “Start”. She has earned” (Brittany Wade Ratliff (Ratliff Brittany Wade)).

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“I was standing at the cash register at work and tried to carry out a twenty dollar bill through a terminal for credit cards. I then stood and looked at it and didn’t understand why it doesn’t work” (Ariel Simon (Ariel Simon)).

“I put my husband’s lunch in the morning and in the afternoon had a photo of a sandwich without anything inside! Just two slices of bread” (Alexis Morales (Alexis Morales)).

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“I filled up my car with gas and left. After some time, when I was driving on the highway, a police patrol asked to stop. I’m still holding the money in hand. A police officer was kind enough to take them to the gas station instead of me” (Carey, Davis Roberts (Kari Davis Roberts)).


“I tried to open the front door of his apartment, a button on the car key. And I dialed the phone number on the microwave” (mustlovego).

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“I tried to TEXT my cat and tell him I miss him. I cried when I discovered that Crookshanks is not in the list of my contacts” (Lindsay van Nevel (Lynsey Van Nevel)).


“I asked my sister how much it will cost a gift certificate for $ 50” (samimimarie).


“None of the relatives I recognized. I cut a piece of cheddar, then put the cheese in the drawer where took out a knife, the knife into the cheese in the fridge and a plate of cheese and crackers in the sink. I left the kitchen and sat on the sofa, completely forgetting why I even stood up” (Erin Hicks (Erin Hicks)).


“I left the TV remote in the freezer twice. Each time I lost it for a few days” (screwingthemilkman).


“I filled out forms before visiting the clinic and completely forgot how old I am. I couldn’t even remember what year I was born, nothing. Fortunately, I just got a call from my doctor’s office and I asked your date of birth to the nurse” (hintofsuspense).


“I went to the toilet, tried to drain the water, including, turning off lights, and indignant that the tank does not drain. I’ve been doing this for about five minutes” (eleanorpaigec).


“I completely forgot the word “nose” and instead said, “he’s Got a spot on this thing between the eyes”” (paigev4243cd8e7).

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“I couldn’t remember the word “brush”. Within a few hours called it the “hand feet”” (jessicac435211b61).


“I tried to cook eggs in the pan, but nothing happened. In the end, I realized that the stove is turned off. I just looked at raw eggs in ten minutes” (atello12).

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“At the time of birth in the pantry, there were seven unopened jars of peanut butter because I could never remember whether it’s at home, when buying groceries. After the seventh banks, I really cried when I came home and saw all the banks. I was sure I was losing my mind” (emilyfarringtons).


“I used hand soap instead of a funds for dishwasher. This photo is the result” (Sarahluiz619).

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“I tried to take your vitamins for pregnant women, but instead put vitamins in hand, I poured a bottle of water. Then I cried for ten minutes” (eve Dunlop (Dunlop Eva)).

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“When I was pregnant the second time, I had a 9 month old son. One day to me came friend and asked where my son is. Not myself, I searched the whole bottom half of the house, throwing pillows everywhere, toys and everything else, but could not find him. I burst into tears on the lost son, while the girlfriend went upstairs and found him asleep in the cradle. Apparently, I put him to bed and forgot about it” (sham-jade Balcarres (Shama-Jade Balcarres)).

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