The history of Argentina’s most popular hangover cure

What do you get when you combine a storied Italian hangover remedy and a beloved American cure-all?

Argentina’s go-to cocktail, but of course.

Sometimes referred to as a Fernando or a Fernandito, Fernet con Coca is made by mixing the amaro Fernet-Branca with Coca-Cola, serving it tall over ice. I’ll be the first to admit that the Argentinean tipple is an acquired taste (it’s at once bitter, sweet, minty, and herbaceous). But the drink holds a special place in my heart as the quintessential hair-of-the-dog cocktail.

The concept of “hair of the dog” hails back to medieval Europe, when a therapy for rabies was to place some literal hairs from the rabid dog onto the victim’s bite wound, assuming that a little bit of what ailed them would also be what ultimately cured them.


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