Barren father of three children: millionaire sued the wrong wife a tidy sum for a blatant lie

Children are a joy and a real gift for the family. But what to do man, if many years later, he finds out that this gift under the Christmas tree their family happiness brought Santa Claus? This story is about the pain and disappointment of a millionaire who in a moment of the children’s father became childless. His ex-wife now owes him a large sum, because for everything in this life comes at a price. The details of the controversial history read on.

Richard Mason (Richard Mason), a resident of Rose (North Wales), I found out about my infertility in 2016. Prior to that, for more than 20 years he lived a happy married life and raised three sons.

The millionaire has sued ex-wife Kate Mason (Kate Mason) 250 thousand pounds sterling (approximately 21,5 million roubles) as compensation of moral damage for the blatant lie for such a long time.

The man learned about the infidelities of his wife, after passing a medical examination in the treatment of cystic fibrosis (cystic fibrosis). Then the doctors explained to him that it is completely barren.

Kate Mason admitted that he cheated on ex-husband, only in 2016. Before that, the couple was already divorced for 10 years

Become pregnant for the first time, Mrs. Mason began to show great interest in Judaism and even insisted to give all children a second Jewish names. Now Richard attributes this to the possible origin of the father of the boys.

First, Kate Mason had convinced Richard that his children, and doctors also can make mistakes. The woman confessed to lying only after a conversation with his eldest son.

“I do not know what is true and what the lie is like living in the Matrix. All that was true. In fact, you’re no father, you can’t have children, and you will not be able to continue his race,” says a frustrated Mr. Mason.

“I still see on Facebook than live my sons. Hurt by the fact that this is all from me have taken away,” laments the man.

Mrs Mason admitted that he was Dating another man during a 20-year marriage, but does not mention his name.

55-year-old Richard Mason, a successful businessman, one of the founders of the site compared prices After DNA test, it became clear that 19-year-old twins are not his children. Senior 23-year-old son refused to undergo the study.

Family Mason completely collapsed after scandalous revelations. The millionaire tried to return some of the vast sums of money, received by the former spouse upon divorce. Because of his attempts to prove fraud, the two younger sons ceased to communicate with him and cut all contacts.
Richard along with his current wife Emma Louise Jones (Emma Louise Jones)
A man proposed to his sweetheart on the stage of the theatre Venue Cymru
Before getting engaged, the couple met one year

A man thinks his ex-wife was not all in the head when she for seven years, pregnant not from him and believed that he never finds out about the deception.

Richard himself admitted that also cheated on his wife from 6 to 12 times with colleagues. But he sure has no illegitimate children, because it is constantly used condoms.

The news that he’s not the father of his sons, was stunned man

Two of the three sons broke all ties with the man all his life considered a father.

When you divorce, the millionaire ex-wife left 4 million pounds (340 million).

Mr. Mason won a court case a few weeks ago, and his ex-wife agreed to pay the appointed judge of compensation. She decided it would be better to give the money to the ex-spouse does not begin to demand the full amount paid in the divorce.

By the way, the court allowed her to keep secret the name of the true biological father of the boys. It is unknown to date whether it is that he has three sons. After the trial Mrs. Mason and her sons refused to give any comments.

A sad story of great frustration, which radically changed the life of all, when a friend of the family. Any lie sooner or later revealed, causing pain to people piously believed in her. Richard now found my soul mate and be happy again. I hope all of them will be good. What do you think, is it better to know the bitter truth, through the terrible shock and to be alone or to remain in blissful ignorance, surrounded by his loved ones?

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