The cyclist with the appearance of the model: Pak Munna wins the hearts of men

Pak Munna (Puck Moonen) — 22-year-old Dutch cyclist, which may surprise not only for its athletic achievements. The girl has model looks and could easily pose for the cover of magazines, but she decided to devote her life to the sport.

We offer you to look at a selection of the best pictures of Pak Munna and see how beautiful sports girls.

Pak Munna regularly participates in competitions and, in General, has made Cycling a great success.

Network users write that these girls promote the involvement of other people in the sport. In particular, the male part of the population.

Pak Munna is a Belgian professional Cycling team Lotto Soudal.

In 2017, was named the most beautiful athlete in the Netherlands.

On account of the girl’s race in the National championship of the Netherlands WE Cycling Le-semen and Flash Valognes, Tour of Flanders and many other competitions. However, enough words. Just look at the photo of this beauty.

What do you think, Pak Munna could be a model?

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