Here’s what Olivier makes the life-giving!

George Zотов on the example of scenic historical fact about Rasputin spoke about how the level of Olivier in the blood can affect life prospects. Historical banter for the adults.

Once 30 Dec 1916 in St. Petersburg at the new year party came naturally zvezdec Holy elder Grigory Efimovich Rasputin. Almost everyone in Russia PI•or so samopinias and cute techniques to direct all that they have and from the heart. Then used a poison and a revolver, and drowning•UI in the hole. Nice noted the New year, in short. Brief background: Rasputin a gentleman then not loved. Judge for yourself. Le myuzhik some from the village. A favourite of the Empress. Turns her as he wants. Fucks a bunch of women saying that right now the Holy spirit in you will include (and includes, as a rule, absolutely not the Holy spirit). Beard, hipster. Of course that it is better to come, and that then sin will not be gathered.

In General, Rasputin comes to visit for new year party with state Duma deputies to Prince Felix Yusupov — he loved there to go but to eat for free, as a truly Orthodox people. A vile Prince he takes the poisoned eclairs — with cyanide, his mother, potassium. Well Rasputin character sits and eats. Live with pleasure. And though that. Yusupov pale face and shaking, but trying to control myself. Takes to a pile of poisoned wine. Rasputin and his drinking. The elephant would be in his place already died, and the elder POH••, because on a freebie and vinegar sweet — that’s the secret. Yusupov unconscious wanders into the kitchen and climbs in the fridge. Wife Irina, of course, has his hands and yells, don’t touch, it’s the New year, but the Prince all the shakes and not listening. Prevents poison Olivier, aspic, herring under a fur coat, and carries Rasputin. He brought eats. The Prince thinks — well for your mother. And Gregory Efimovich was not killed, and to celebrate New year nothing.

On the photo then cosplay, paid by the US state Department — the Royal family begs Rasputin to bless the new year Olivier.

And so he urgently calls Rasputin in the other room. Type, will show you a crystal crucifix. But Grigori was not a Soviet schoolgirl. He doesn’t know if you call softly in the other room listen to the tape, where anything can happen, in addition to listening to the tape. And here he is, munching Olivier, goes there. And watching the crucifixion. And thinks of the crucifixion as the crucifixion, why am I here? At this point, Yusupov, tormented by the death of the new year table and the cost of the poison in the crisis, fired back at the Holy elder from a revolver. Rasputin stands and digests Olivier. Felix pushes him, he falls. The Prince goes to the rest of the conspirators, and says — thank you for invited to your daughter’s wedding, I hope the first child will be a boy. Told him are you kidding? It’s not “the Godfather”. Yusupov unashamedly admits that Yes, went nuts.

In total, the conspirators are going to secretly bury the dead of Grigory Efimovich, shall rest with Olivier on the lips, as expected in the New year, the Orthodox Russian people. Yusupov waiting to arrange removal of the body. Comes to the corpse of Rasputin, and he opens his eyes and gets to his feet. And I must say, the people then was the weaker of our series “the Walking dead” was not looking, and zombie only heard from friends who went on vacation in Haiti. Yusupov, of course, acted like a hereditary nobleman and aristocrat — crap.

Rasputin ominously howls — “But tomorrow, Felix, you will be hanged”. Felix agrees and shit. Rasputin runs to the kitchen, quickly eats Olivier and running until UPI••or. Yusupov runs to the rest of the conspirators, and shouts, “He’s alive! Help!”. There was an advanced member of the state Duma Purishkevich — judging by the name, Belarusian, Serbian or Jewish. And then all at once. He runs out, sees Rasputin son of a••AET. Shoots. By. Again. By. Here Purishkevich says the Serbian-Belarusian-Jewish ancient spell “Yes, e• your mother!” and falls. Rasputin stands, his hands.

Here comes the great Prince Dmitry Romanov, interested in the situation, and says, shoot him in the head. Cho? after Purishkevich. “In the HEAD, fuck, SHOOT — a louder voice explains to him the visionary of the great Prince Dmitry. — If you believe a zombie movie, it won’t work. He now tries will devour us all. His brains needed. Look how fucking angry. Just horror”.
Purishkevich gets scared and shoots Rasputin in the head. He does not want to die, lies down and asks Olivier. But Felix is no more poison. He apologizes and offers to just mix the boiled potatoes with mayonnaise.

“Hu••OS you” a weak voice says Rasputin. I can’t say that he cursed the Prince or stating a fact, because the Prince really was, Hu••Osom, despite the presence of his wife. Yusupov in a confused humming “from the forest, because of the Seki ran homosexual”, and removed — like a mayonnaise. Rasputin critically decreases the level of Olivier in the blood, and he dies. His body dumped into the hole, and go for the New year soon, and no one did, not ready, even normal pork knuckle aspic not bought.

And then there’s the dead body of the Holy elder find. And it turns out — he lived under water for 6 minutes and then bogged down and died. The conspirators were baptized.

“That’s what Olivier makes the life-giving!” says Prince Yusupov. With it everything agree, Olivier and sprinkled with Holy water.

And the moral here is: I’m not surprised that 2 months later the revolution happened. Our nobility rabbit really score not skill, not what the assassination to organize. Decomposed, CIT, Paris their. What is really there to suppress the revolution, the laughing one.

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