“Goodbye, 2018”: horrible trends of the past year, you want to forget

Each year fashion dictates new rules, which some girls tend to follow, despite common sense, the opinions of others and their own discomfort. In 2018 fashion trends was so mad that I want to quickly say goodbye to them and forget, hoping that 2019 is not “enclose us a pig.”

So, let take a look at these terrible trends, which we hope to see last time.

Wide suits and jackets

One of the most established trends, which some fashionistas well, I do not want to say goodbye, wide jackets and suits. They may, indeed, someone go, but in most cases — they look baggy and weird.

Short shorts

And these short shorts will look stupid even on the most slender beauty, not to mention the girls with forms. Please stop wearing those shorts! You will not forgive.

Strange shoes

In 2018 the runway were hundreds of mannequins in ridiculous and sometimes even ugly shoes. The designers promise that the next collections will be dominated by more classical and refined models. Willingly I want to believe!

However, worse than that in the photo, it is difficult to come up with.

Wide Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are considered a versatile accessory that will be popular for years to come. But not when they’re that wide! In this case, it looks ugly and old fashioned.

Neon colors

For unknown reasons, closer to the fall of 2018 has become the popular dress in neon colors. Yes such that many eyes were consumed! Look at that acid a dress that American actress Sarah Paulson, apparently, someone was forced to wear. Else to explain it this way is simply impossible.

Transparent shoes

“Strange shoes already were!” you may think looking at these shoes. But transparent shoes took fashion trends a separate niche!

The first wore these shoes the Kardashian sisters, then the case remained for small — to upload pictures on Instagram and “infect” this whole world. Fortunately, transparent shoes quickly lost its popularity. I hope in 2019’ll never see her again.


Perhaps one of the strangest trends of the past year — running shoes-socks. This Shoe is so tightly into our lives that fashion experts foreshadow her appearance in 2019.

Tractor sole for sports shoes

In spring and summer 2018 shoes with tractor sole was at the peak of its popularity, but by the fall of many “pall”, as it flashed too often. However, it is unlikely one of us will be free so soon…

Transparent bags

Transparent shoes, transparent bags… In 2019 should expect transparent clothes?

Strange jeans

Another all the rage in 2018 — jeans and pants the most diverse and unique design.

Tiny glasses

In these tiny glasses except that you can be photographed. However, most fashionistas are doing just that.

Set of clothes of the same color

Many fashion experts would call this image, but in 2019 he will most likely lose their relevance. Besides, not everyone is able to create beautiful bows from the clothes of the same color. It is best in such cases to dilute the attire of other hues.

Which of these fashion trends you would definitely not like to see in 2019? Why?

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