10 impressive photos of sugar flood in Boston

100 years ago the United States was one of the strangest disasters of the twentieth century: part of Boston was flooded sticky sweet liquid. Archival photos and facts about the flood in our office.

1. The morning of 15 January was not on-winter warm — Sunny weather enticed to the street hundreds of residents North of Boston. Most of them were immigrants from Ireland and Italy.

Suddenly above the town thundered out a low rumble burst the cast-iron tank of the Purity Distilling company.

Photo: the enterprise before the accident.


3. After a moment, after the accident on Boston street Commercial Street was hit by a wave of raw black molasses with a height of two storeys.

All this occurred during the gradual implementation of prohibition. Fermented molasses at the time was widely used for the production of ethanol. On the eve of the introduction of a complete ban owners, respectively, sought to produce and sell more number of products…

4. Unusual stream swept and neighbouring port areas. To get away from this fast wave was neither passers-by nor even horse harnesses. Wave of sugar-containing liquid raced through the city streets with a speed about 60 km/h.

5. As a result, two million gallons of molasses, which were to go on making Roma swept to death 21 people. Extracted from the molasses of the body was almost impossible to identify.

Another 150 residents were taken to hospitals with various injuries.

6. Look at the chaos going and curious citizens, who immediately was covered in sticky slush. Is it any wonder that syrup soon spread throughout the city.

7. Black wave destroyed several buildings and brought down the overpass of the railroad. Some of the horses who drowned in syrup, was so badly stuck in it that they had to shoot.

8. The rescue operation lasted four days.

9. For liquidation of consequences entered the city unit of the US Navy, but to clear the city streets from molasses, it took 87 thousand man-hours. Many local residents suffered from suffocation and cough.

The port of Boston for another six months after the accident, maintained a brown color.

10. “The store is closed due to molasses”

Hard to believe, but some Boston residents claim that so far from the old buildings in town on hot days, smells like caramel.

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