“Hamite, parnisha”: famous women staged a revolt against the French, who called the ladies after 50-year-unattractive

The woman is beautiful at every stage of their life. To call her ugly and unattractive — a bad tone. At least, it is not necessary to say it out loud. But one French journalist decided to cut the truth-womb in the eye and he almost got it in the eye for excessive candor. The stars of show business immediately rebelled against wit. What happened after that with ungentlemanly writer — read on.

51-year-old Ulrika Jonsson’s (Ulrika Johnson) condemns French writer and journalist Yann MUA (Yann Moix), who said that “can’t even imagine what it’s like to have sex with a woman after 50”. British TV star calls author of the statement “a little twerp” and says that ladies of her age — amazing. She teamed up with Lisa Kandy (Candy Lizzie) to rebuff boorish journalist.

Now French journalist constantly fighting off accusations in the chat. Yann MUA, which itself turned 50, recently said in an interview with the magazine Marie Clair that he can’t love fifty women, because they are “unattractive” and “too old.”
Yann MUA said that female after 50 is “too old” to love them and prefer an “incredible” body of 25-year-old girls

He said that “young female body” is much better. Although, when he turns 60, and the “50-year-old will seem young.” After such review social media exploded with accusations of the journalist. The writer tried to defend himself, saying “probably 50 year old women think about me also.”

The British TV star Ulrika Jonsson and Lisa Kandy spoke and explained why they feel great in your 50.

“You — gemoneybank, narcissistic little twerp”

Ulrika Jonsson turned a sharp criticism of Monsieur Kick Moi. 51-year-old woman proud of himself and said that he did not wish to draw attention to this “French ham” because his vanity already rushing across the top.
Ulrika Jonsson rebuffed “French ham”, calling it narcissistic misogynist

“People are seeking this type of outrage, attention and adulation in equal measure — they crave it. Condemnation of others they have as a shortcut, with haughty dignity,” says Ulrika.

This attack the French critic star considers stupid and immature.

“Despite the numerous awards and literary identity Monsieur Moi, he is a narcissistic fool and a misogynist. The pomposity of this man enters the room a few minutes before his appearance, and he, no doubt, begins to defend the right to reject women after 50 and scornfully about our bodies”, — expresses his point of view Ulrika.

53-year-old Liz Hurley says that there is no completion stage, while you alone still relevant

MUA argues that the body of 25-year-old is much more interesting. Ulrika insists that the body emerging from several decades, much more exciting. Each wrinkle, scar and bump has a story to tell. Therefore, the idea that older women are uninteresting — quite irrational.
54-year-old Elle MacPherson is not alone among those who feels comfortable in his age. 92% of women say that after 50 years they are happier than ever

Also Ulrika thinks Monsieur Moi loves young inexperienced girls, because they feel in bed much more skilled and more confident. With experienced Mature women this would not happen.

“He does not distinguish between love and desire. This, unfortunately, comes as they grow older. Monsieur Moi, himself a 50-year-old is afraid of growing old and is looking for just sexual attraction, because the chance to love and be loved he is almost gone” — continues to criticize Mrs. Johnson.

In addition, the TV star added that women in our time are aging differently than in the past.
51-year-old Pamela Anderson says that older ladies maintain their sexuality. A lot of women agree with this and 86% of the respondents claim that after 50 sexual relations with partners they have a better than 20 years

With age, in most cases, women become slimmer, more confident, more cheerful, brighter and more positive. We used to believe that men grow old beautifully: growing up, become wiser. But now those standards are changing. Women don’t want to put up with discrimination and disrespect.
52-year-old Halle berry says that now happy with my age and feels better than ever

“For generations our grandmothers rebellion after 50 was a pipe dream. And today we — tattooed and fearless. In my youth I had a complex about sexuality, your body, and now I know what I want, and take their forms, as they are,” concluded Ulrika Jonsson.

“This is the best time of my life”

50-year-old Lisa Kandi also spoke out against critics of ladies in age. She says that after 50 life is just beginning. At this time, the woman gaining confidence, she knows what she wants and what to expect in bed.

“Before, I was advised to lie about age, so until recently, I was always three years younger than” — ironically Lisa.

Lisa Kandy says that life after 50 is just beginning, because women are confident and know what they want

TV star admits that before the subject of age perceived it harder. In the end, Lisa told how old she is in one of the popular show and felt real relief and freedom.
Monica Bellucci 54 years, and she says that sexuality really shines through in your mind, in your view, and not the age of the body

“Sex after 50 is mind-blowing. But it is safe to say that Monsieur Yann Moi never experience this. He says that fifty women “ugly”. I suggest him to buy new glasses,” also criticizes the French journalist Lisa.

71% of women who turned 50-year threshold, saying that living a full sexual life

Photos of these Mature beauties prove once again that a woman is beautiful at any age. But, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Mr. Moi has exercised this right and received retaliation.

The Earth’s population is aging. Now 40 is the new 20 and 50 is the new 30. How do you respond to such demographic change? Do you think women over 50 sexy?

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