Stop waiting, act! 10 simple habits that will make your life better

Reddit users shared a list of useful habits that can radically change a person’s life if he will follow them for a long time. And the New year is a great way to start applying these tips, especially because most of them are quite simple but effective.

We offer you to choose something for yourself, because even one item from this list will have a positive impact on your life.

Source: Reddit

“Try to at least once a day to something a failureeven if it is some insignificant detail. And soon you will notice that you are failing less and less”.

This was from an elderly teacher to my students… and it really works. According to the man, when he worked as a photographer and tried to get into cool places, where he, of course, will say no. But to our great surprise, it missed everywhere…

Tip for fat people: just give up the soda. You will be shocked to see how actually soda affect us.

Make it a rule: if something takes less than 2 minutes, do it immediately! You will be surprised when you realize that many “difficult” tasks are actually very simple.

Keep the house in order. If a bit every day to do the cleaning, to achieve the purity will be very easy. It will go a very little time, but the result will please you very much. In addition, the order around reduces stress.

Don’t do anything in bed except sleep. We’re not about sex — do not watch TV, eat, read. And soon your dream will be much stronger and more enjoyable.

Before you go to bed, plan your day tomorrow. Make a list of things I would like to perform, and when will be the next — view the previous and, if necessary, the transfer of the case. Planning is a very simple but effective weapon in the fight against procrastination.

Tell the people around you as more pleasant words. It doesn’t matter who it will be is family members or work colleagues. Brighten up their everyday life with your care, and you will feel great joy.

Read books every day, it’s the best way to expand your horizons, improve your vocabulary and pass the time usefully. Even fiction or fiction can give you new knowledge.

Do not be lazy to wash the dishes every day! And even better — after every meal. Then you don’t have to clean up the rubble that accumulated for several days.

Learn every day at least three foreign words. After a month you will notice positive changes.

And some of these tips in the New year I plan to take advantage of you?

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