Connected by a single destiny: the miracle twins who were born with a break of 87 days

The birth of these girls shook the entire world. The twins, who were born with a difference of almost three months, became a sensation. In this academic year, the sisters went to the first class and fun to gnaw granite science school. How is ordinary life unusual girls — read our material.

Twins who were born apart, went to the first class together. Mum Maria is very worried that her daughter was able to enjoy life. Now she’s happy seeing her crumbs, playing and laughing, jumping on the way to school.
Miracle-twins Amy and Katie Jones-Elliott (Amy and Katie Jones-Elliott) with his mother Maria (Maria) on his first day of school

Doctors didn’t give much hope that her children will survive. Contractions started at 26 weeks of pregnancy, and was born the Amy. Fortunately, the process of childbirth stopped, and the second sister is left to wait for his birth mom at heart.

Through the 87 days she was born and Katie. Amy, in spite of the gloomy predictions, survived and also met his sister. Such a big difference in time between the birth of twins is unique.

Amy and Katie are fully prepared for one of the most important days in your life

“For every mother her children are special. But for me their first day of school was an exceptional event. Honestly, we never thought this would happen. The doctors gave no guarantee that they will survive. But our kids fought so hard for life that they became a real miracle for us,” shares the experiences of the 38-year-old Maria.

Maria felt that something was wrong in may 2012. She was brought to University hospital Waterford where she went into premature labor. By the way, dad of twins, 44-year-old Chris (Chris), works here as a nurse.
Amy fought for her life in an incubator, having been born three months before the birth of sister.

The doctors gave no guarantee that children will survive. But thanks to the support of the spouse and the prayers of Mary overcame panic and believe in miracles. She gave birth to Amy on June 1 in 9.15 local time. Baby was born at 24 week of pregnancy and weighed only 540 grams. She was born nearly 4 months before the planned date, which the doctors put on 21 September.
The twin sisters when they were babies

“She was so weak that I couldn’t even pick her up. I was also running out of power, but understood that to be born another child,” shares his memories of Maria.

But to our great surprise, the contractions have stopped. Physicians for the first time in my practice, faced with such a phenomenon. At the birth of the twins, usually, the uterus shortens and pushes the two kids. This, according to doctors had happened because of the tiny size of the Amy. The twins — not the first woman’s children — she has an older daughter, 18-year-old Olivia and 16-year-old son Jack.
The first birthday of the twins

“At first I couldn’t even feel the joy of motherhood. One my baby was in intensive care, and the second still clinging to life in my womb. I didn’t know if I’m coming back home with at least one of them. But, in the end, got together and decided that he would leave the hospital only with both my girls,” — says the mother of twins.

Mom saw Amy in intensive care just four days later. For women it was unbearable to watch the native baby in the incubator.
Every girl gets cake for birthday

Every day Mary visited the baby in intensive care and brought her Holy water from the French city of Lourdes. Five weeks later she was first able to take Amy in his arms.

“I could not speak from the emotions that ran through me. And then Katie pushed in my stomach like felt it, too. The second time I held Amy’s hands and put her head to her stomach, where her sister,” says Maria.

Mother Mary says that the girls celebrate birthdays separately, in June and in August

On 27 August the woman induced labor at 36 weeks of pregnancy. Just over an hour she gave birth to a daughter Katie, weight of 2.5 kg.

“When I picked Katie up, she smiled at me. My daughter was completely healthy. Two hours later, the twins are finally reunited. The little one put Amy in the incubator and the eldest sister smiled in her sleep. It was an incredible moment,” says the mother.

Immediately after the birth of second daughter Chris came to register children. The parents waited until the twins are together for formal procedures. Katie arrived home five days after birth, and Amy is 7 weeks after her. After a year Amy surpassed her sister in development. Katie was diagnosed with high functioning autism but it is treatable.

The girls celebrate birthdays separately. For each in June and August, arrange a special celebration with cake, guests and gifts.

Parents of twins are happy that their children went to school together. Girls like class, but Amy likes English lessons, and Kathy prefers math.

The power of maternal love really works wonders. And happy childhood these beautiful girls direct proof. The parents ‘ faith in a miracle and a solid hope for the best helped them elections right to life.

What do you think, what played a decisive role: the professionalism of the doctors or invisible spiritual force?

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