15 of the strangest people of Russia

Among us are people who are a little different from all the others. Their appearance, behavior, unusual actions or passion. Many consider them freaks, but without them the world would definitely be less bright and interesting.

We asked colleagues from different parts of our vast country to tell about the fellow who hit them, fascinated, or shocked — and maybe even forced to reconsider the views on what is considered the norm.

Man is a platypus from Perm

1. Evgeny Bolotov — bodymodification, experimenting on their appearance. His lips plates, the bottom stretched by 60 mm top 33 mm. And he’s planning to stretch “to infinity”. He stretches and earlobes, made tunnels in the nose, and now between the nostrils cannot pass even a pencil. And he pierced her nasal cartilage, and now his nose is bent like plasticine. Eugene is very proud of the fact that he is the sole owner of the piercing on the planet.

— Children don’t cry — laughs the 27-year-old Perm designer. — People sometimes point the finger, smiling at the sight of me, asking to be photographed with them.

However, the guy complains a Perm in hazardous areas have the face, just in case to close. It is still unclear how the real guys you meet will greet us on the dark street: not all in the Urals, understand and accept such “beauty.”

Maiden from Togliatti

2. Back to Kuterevo to be given not more than 20 years: a slender girlish figure and long hair. Only upon closer inspection it is noticeable that they are gray. Seeing how it goes in the cold through the snow in a sundress and sandals, people get scared. The drivers stop and offer to warm up and ride. Many men are willing to take off her jacket and to Galina home. But she always just laughs in response. “To me winter is not cold, not hot in summer. I’m a real snow maiden.”

But it was not always so: growing up, Galina was allergic to the cold, over the years, a whole bouquet of ailments, from joint disease to cancer. She enrolled in the school of longevity, was treated for several years, bathed in water, doing exercises on the joints. And now feels great. Still saves on clothes, because in winter she does not need any fur coat or jacket. In an extreme case, warm Angora sweater.

Janitor-artist from Izhevsk

3. For your 52 years old Semyon Bukharin and worked as a fireman, and a miner. Three years ago he retired. Got a job as a janitor in the school. And then thought that he, decorator education, find your calling. Instead of a brush — shovel. Instead of canvas — in the school yard.

4. The idea to create the snow came spontaneously — advised students. They also become grateful audience. Semyon Bukharin is not eager for fame. He says it’s for children. Shkolota in response calls him a great artist.

Boy magnet from the Omsk region

5. Second-grader Kolya from the village Water that is 160 kilometers from Omsk, became the hero of the Internet. The news about the student, to the body which is glued coin spoons and ladle, spread throughout Russia, and even appeared on the pages of foreign publications. “We celebrated 4 years, I dabbled with spoons, I have stuck to the nose. Then I remembered, tried again,” answers nick on the question of how he discovered his superpowers.

Double Lady Gaga from Samara

6. Now it’s Sasha Gusev, the boy does not like: long straight hair, slender waist, high Breasts, and heavy makeup. That it did surgeons. At the age of 17 she changed her gender. Doctor found in Novosibirsk clinic: hormone preparation, a complex operation that cost 900 thousand rubles, and long months of rehabilitation. She had three surgeries and nine corrections of the face and body. Now the girl otherwise Lady Sasha is not known. That name stuck to it thanks to the new image. The girl performs in the show of doubles, copies Lady Gaga. The first performances went with a Bang. And now samarcanda using the similarity with the star, makes a nice corporate events. Images of contemplating itself, and costumes helping her mother to sew.

Girl with tattoo on face from Saransk

7. Russian tattooist Ruslan Toumaniantz from Saransk has become infamous to the whole world after he had drawn 56 stars on the face of a teenage girl from Belgium, and on the face of his girlfriend — his own name in large Latin letters. A new “victim” Ruslan name is Les, they were born in the same city. The girl was allowed to get a tattoo on your face just a day after they met. The guys met on Facebook. Now on the face of Lesya bears the name “Ruslan” is written in large Gothic script. Les explained that he did it out of love and devotion to her lover.

8. Ruslan Toumaniantz

“A month of chatting we realized that we have great feelings to each other and common goals in life, — said Lesia. — Meeting in Moscow only confirmed our love and desire to be together forever. I chose a font and drew a sketch. Why on the face? Because I wanted to show that the most important thing in my life is my love and name the most important person in my life Ruslan. Proud to wear his name on my face! I love him so much!”

83-year-old athlete from Dagestan

9. Abdurahman of Abdulazizov set a world record, managing to lift the load at 81.5 kg., or almost thirty pounds more than the previous weight 53 kg, which raised the hair sportswoman from Poland Johanna Savicka in 2011. Record Abdulazizov was recorded with the utmost rigor, and got into the Guinness Book of records.

The girl with the Barbie face and muscle of Ken from Saratov

10. Huge eyes in half face, full lips and a MOP of curly hair — about person Julia Vince and I want to say “girl, girl”. And now drop his eyes below: the biceps, triceps, abs… and back generally mountainous terrain. Girl from Saratov can pick up and lift over my head a grown man, even two, if they are not too fat. In training an athlete with a doll face lifts in the bench press 100 kilos in the deadlift — 160-180 pounds, squat — 170 pounds. However, powerlifters weighs 64 kg! And she’s only 18!

Now the girl who started powerlifting because she was bullied in school, more than 9 thousand friends in social networks. Many of them call themselves fans of Julia. Her Declaration of love fans from all over the country, it made TV-shows in Japan, China, America.

Lucifer from Perm

11. In Perm young couple named his son Lucifer.

— We’re not Goths, we are just informal people — laughing mother, Natasha.

She is generally very cheerful, despite aggressive jewelry with spikes, shaved head and black robe. And wedding these desperate played on Friday 13 December 2013.

— A son to be called so wanted my husband, and I this choice was too bold. But I am very hard to give birth to Lucica, he was born asphyxiated and day lived connected to an artificial respirator. And then I turned to Lucifer. I promised him if the baby survives, it will call son in honor of him. So Lucifer became the patron Saint of our son.

The king cents from Novosibirsk

12. 60-the summer pensioner Yury Babin is a character in Novosibirsk. In the 1990s he began to collect actually a one-bit coins, so much so carried away that his entire house was filled with trifle. It is everywhere: on the floor, in pots, on window sills. All Babina neither more nor less than 7 tons of coins! Jokingly the press have dubbed the unusual numismatist of the King Cents. Babin was even invited to the Congress of eccentrics in new York, however, due to financial problems from such a tempting offer Siberians had to be abandoned. Former military decided to change my last name to very unusual — the President of the great-Russia-Babin. Just four words and a hyphen! Employees of the registry office he was denied, citing the fact that he could not name consist of several words in different cases. In General, it seems that the family dispute will be allowed only by the court.

Chimney sweep L. from Kaliningrad

13. Alexander L. Smirnov (or simply L., as everyone calls him) is a man running around town dressed as a chimney sweep, did not miss a major holiday in Kaliningrad. “Me for the holidays no one is calling — I’ll go there,” he says. The house of the chief of the Kaliningrad chimney-sweep turned into a fortress, which every day continues to build. Crazy window shapes L. is decorated with handmade tiles. The furniture also makes himself. Over the past year, on its territory appeared the house, which L. calls the Museum of the chimney sweep.

Inside the house-fortress is something like the Studio theater, costumes which are made of garbage and foam. According to our hero, he’s now planning the shooting of the film, which will be attended by his nymph — girl in fancy outfits, accompanying him everywhere.

People patter from Novosibirsk

14. In fact, parents guy got for a simple Russian name is Alexey, but now his passport is none other than Lomion Choregraph Morion Kornaros Aera, a Meritamon. A total of 45 letters! Childhood heroes favorite books the boys were knights, and in the University, he became an avid roleplayers and re-enactors, even making medieval chainmail helmets Yes. And one day, he says, thinking about their roots. Supposedly found the names of ancient ancestors that were Polish, and put them in a new verbal construction. Long she, however, went out — of their ancestors-it was a lot. Even after all possible reductions the name of it is, that language will break. When the guy came to the registry office to change the passport data, the staff, of course, was puzzled. But scratched their heads, looked through the laws and have issued a statement. But where to go? By law Russians have the right to be called what he wants. Soon knight’s name took its rightful place in the passport somehow there fit. But friends call guy and without any regalia — Moronic.

Man — steel jaws of Togliatti

15. Ravil Kravchuk, nicknamed Rav Gorgeous in front of the crowd pulled teeth three vehicles weighing more than four tons — and dragged them for 20 meters! “For me to drag 4 tons — not the record — says the athlete. — I still can not! In 2002, on the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II I stretched double-Decker bus in which there were one hundred passengers with a total weight of about 7 tons. This achievement was recorded by a Commission of the Guinness Book of records. I think I was the only Russian who spoke”. To achieve impressive results, Ravil devoted to extreme sports for 20 years. First, the athlete lifted teeth weights, then 10 – and 50-pound pancakes and in the end trained the muscles of the jaw to such an extent that it could hold a barbell weighing 120 kg! However, during stunts from Ravil broke teeth, so I had to insert the implants.

Vaduvescu Julia from Yekaterinburg

16. The father of two children, gambling and football, and famous sports journalist of Yekaterinburg suddenly changed gender. And it’s not a joke. Yura worked for many years a sports columnist of the newspaper “na smenu!”, then in a press-service of the Sverdlovsk police station, went to the newspaper “Ural worker”. Quite nice, well, maybe a little subdued guy, football player, sports fan. And then it seemed to have changed. Began to drink hormones, which corrode from his appearance handsome male features. Army khaki pants chose pink skirts. Finally, acquaintances began to ask to call him Julia.

The Jura is a former paratrooper. Married twice, divorced twice, two children. “The girls changed like a glove!” — discuss for the eyes of former colleagues of the Jura. Or Julia…

78-year-old student from Kiselevsk

17. Retired from Kiselevsk (Kemerovo oblast) Alexander Kuzmich Panties receives the fourth degree (first Humanities after three technical). He is now in his second year. And when he will graduate, he will have the 82nd year! But he himself superstudent, extreme, original and eccentric are not considered. And to increased interest on the part of students, cheers to your address is patiently like a grandfather to the grandchildren.

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