Looked like the first Moscow metro station in the year of their opening

The first line of the Moscow metro Kaganovich opened may 15, 1935. Trains ran from the station “Sokolniki” to “Park of culture” and the branch from “Okhotny Ryad” to “Smolensk”. A total of 13 stations. We offer you to look at the time, looked like main entrances and internal lobbies.


“Krasnoselskaya” (project name — “Gavrikova street”).

“Komsomolskaya” (project name — “Columbus square”).

“Red gate” (project name — “Krasnovorotsky”).

“Kirov” (project name is “butcher”, “Butcher’s gate”), 1990 — “Pure ponds”.

“Dzerzhinsk” (project title “Dzerzhinsky Square”), since 1990 — “Lubyanka”.

“Okhotny Ryad” (project name — “Ohotnitsa”).

“Lenin library” (project name — “Lenin Library”).

“Palace of the Soviets” (project name — “Kropotkinsky gate”), 1957 — “Kropotkinskaya”.

“Park of culture named after Gorky” (project name — “Crimea”, “Crimean square”), 1960 — “Park of culture”.

“Street of the Comintern”, 1990 — “Alexander garden”.

“Arbat” (project name — “Arbat square”).

“Smolensk” (project name — “Smolenskaya square”).

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Source: Jjournal/sassik
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