What was it? 11 inventions that changed over time beyond recognition

Engineering thought is not static. Things that have become part of everyday life, constantly moderniziriruyutsya, and with each new model more and more removed from the original. More interesting to look at what looked like the usual devices initially. Sorry, there is no possibility to see the video. The first lawnmower, they say, hummed almost like a tank.

By the early twentieth century in the United States was already skating on roller skates, which by design was similar to today’s. And in Europe at this time popular foot rollers Takypod, invented by Edward Petrini. They look surprisingly modern, not too difficult to imagine such things in a sporting goods store.

Marchant XLA is one of the first calculators, put into mass production. It was developed by an American company in 1913. This edifice was used mostly by the cashiers in the big Department stores and tellers in banks. The calculator has an instruction book on 130 pages.

In 1905, the German Karl-Ludwig Nessler introduced the first device perms. The hair was wound twelve long and quite heavy brass rods that are connected to the electrical apparatus heats up. Procedure guidance beauty took about five hours.

The first lawnmower in an experiment were used in the Botanical garden in St. Louis, USA, in 1916. It was so loud that the first delivery had to be suspended. A quieter version appeared a year later.

Printer-pioneer: mechanical computer, which had the function of automatic printing and was called “difference engine”. It was created in 1834 on the basis of the invention of the English mathematician Charles Babbage.

Sound locator made in America. With the help of such things as military monitored airspace in the 20-ies of the last century.

Orthopedic equipment, invented by the Swedish physician Gustav Zander in the late nineteenth century. Stockholm aristocrats were delighted.

Thor was one of the first washing machines with an electric drive, model 1908. The machine had a wooden drum, which in turn have made eight revolutions clockwise and eight — against.

So in 1917, looked us life jackets for the sailors. More precisely, rescue mattresses.

Toaster American company Frary & Clark (1924) — not the first but the most beautiful. Now these do not.

In 1956, the IBM company presented the drive on hard magnetic disks. It weighed over a ton and stored 5 megabytes of data.

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