A tourist witnessed a bloody battle a grizzly bear with a pack of wolves

It was like this. After celebrating Christmas, the Brit Tom Littlejohns came to rest in the American state of Montana. One day he grabbed a camera and went to admire the wild beauty of the Rocky mountains. He had no idea that today he is prepared to make the best pictures in my life.

Tom walked through the sparkling snow, little by little sipping from a flask, and saw the wolves. Three large beasts jostled around is not torn of deer. The man had the nerve not only to run, but to lay low and turn on the camera.

Further — more. To the feast was a big bear and opaquely hinted that the deer will have it. Wolves to give up the booty without a fight would not have started the mess. Tom was neither alive nor dead, but the pictures never stopped.

It seems, and in a minute had passed, the battle was over. Although not exactly a battle, more of a show of force. Grizzly went for lunch, the wolves envious gazes from behind the trees. On the way to the hotel That sucked the flask to the bottom.

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