A real photographer can easily make from Housewives world champion

A tireless experimenter of Canada — photographer Benjamin von Wong spent eloquent photo shoot. He took ordinary people, not urugauy daily hard workout, and shot in the genre of sports photography. All he needed to do this, good lighting and the ability to efficiently deliver light.

In the very unsportsmanlike people look like they have devoted their lives to physical feats. We have selected 10 examples that prove that this photographer without photoshop, perfect life

1. Liz, a mother of three children

2. Chris, 61, President of the company and grandfather

3. Stephanie, 24, office worker

4. Tony, 62 years old, grandma

5. Bonocore, 35, photographer, traveler

6. Dumont, 27 years old, programmer

7. Michael, 30 years, advertiser

8. Alex, 23 years, graphic designer

9. Catherine, 30 years, specialist in business development

10. Sandro, 37, Director of operations

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