Frank and bold Spain in the illustrations 1900-ies

One sultry summer days Professor of Spanish at the University of California in Los Angeles Maite Subare walked into an antique store in Madrid. Among the numerous globes, maps, and furniture Maite came across a very interesting vintage album. In it, the Professor saw a collection of erotic images from the 1900s who argued that the Spain of that period touched on the emerging sexual revolution of the early XX century, all the evidence which, as it turned out, was destroyed during the Franco regime.

These images show us a Frank and bold Spain, which before get under suffocating in every sense of the dictatorial Franco regime, and the world, enjoying the eternal desires of the human libido.

The title of the book Martin de Lucenay — “the Phenomenon of hysteria.”

The book of Dr. Pierre fresher of “Love and sex”. At the bottom on the cover, apparently, listed the affected themes: anatomy of sex organs, physiology, sexual intercourse, genetic anomalies, love and marriage.

“Paradise for nudists”.

The book with pictures of naked people from around the world.

Book Martin de Lucenay “Bestiality” (bestiality).

The book álvaro Retana “Wandering sin”.

The book álvaro Retana, “In search of voluptuousness.”

“Catalonia triumphant nudism for the sake of science”.

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