Captivating mesh: fashionable stockings at the famous beauties of the 50s and 60s years

That can decorate a slender female legs better than fishnet stockings? Men are thrilled by a glance at such a temptation. But if it’s a thin mesh, then violent male fantasy of representatives plays a vengeance, and common sense goes far on the back burner. Well-known beauty of the 50’s- 60’s years knew about it. In our collection you will find pictures of the legendary beauties in fashion stockings-the webs.

They say that the fishnets appeared in the early 1900s, with the publication of the explosive musical “Moulin Rouge”. But most fashionable women of that time preferred, after all, a classic black version.

Stockings-spider web became really popular in the 1920-ies, with the advent of a society of free emancipated women flappers and Mademoiselle, who danced in cabarets. Fashion wave rose on the background of the shortened skirt beauties. From the first glance, it seemed that the dancers on stage dressed in the usual stockings and only the lights flashed a secret.

Fishnet stockings was associated with a “free” type of women until 1950-ies. Especially their chosen beauties from the covers in the style of Pin-Up.

In the 60’s, women started to play with the length of fashion at the time of mini-skirts and dressed in thick colored stockings.

And here and glamorous photos of famous divas of the 1950 — 1960-ies in fashion stockings in fishnet:
Abby Lane
April Kent
Audrey Hepburn
Ava Gardner

Barbara Eden
Barbara Nichols
Betty Paige
Betty Brosmer
Brigitte Bardot
Chelo Alonso
Debbie Reynolds
Doris Day
Elaine Stewart
Elizabeth Taylor
Evelyn West
France Anglada
France Nuyen
Gloria DeHaven
Glynis Johns
Ingrid Pitt
Jane Fonda
Janet Leigh
Jayne Mansfield
Jill Haworth
Jill St. John
Joan Collins
Joy Harmon
Julie Newmar
Catherine Grant
Kim Novak
Lana Turner
Lee Remick
Leslie Caron
Lisa Gaye
Lori Nelson
Mara Corday
Marie Deveraux
Mario Thomas
Mar Hayer
Mary Murphy
Mitzi Gaynor
Mona Freeman
Monica Vitti
Neal Adams
Stella Stevens
Susan Oliver
Susan Farmer
Tina Louise
Faith Dey
Virginia Mayo

Here they are, these fishnets: interesting, sexy and always on trend. So, dear lady, feel free to put them on and walk beautiful teen feet on men’s hearts. Do you like these stockings?

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