12 myths that we believe because of movies

Movies can be a great way to learn something new and even inspire us to make an important decision. But sometimes the love for cinema can play a cruel joke with us, for example, when what is show in movies is taken for granted.

Here are 12 examples of when not to trust personnel on television, because life is impossible.

Myth: chloroform can instantly knock you out for a couple of hours.
Truth: that a man passed out, he needs at least 5 minutes to inhale the vapors of chloroform, and then the action short.

Myth: the pin from a grenade you can pull teeth, the most dramatic moment.
The truth is: if people tried to pull the pin with his teeth, he would be left without most of these teeth.

Myth: you have to wait 24 hours to file a police report about a missing person.
Truth: if you have a serious suspicion that the person closest to you something happened, then you need to contact the police immediately.

Myth: asteroids are hurtling dense flow in space.
Truth: actually between asteroids kilometers of vacuum.

Myth: in the movies looks pretty cool when the main character shoots two pistols.
Truth: to aim once with two hands almost impossible.

Myth: drowning people are usually loud call for help and raise high the hands.
Truth: in fact, the sinking is very hard to see.

Myth: the results of a forensic medical examination give all the answers immediately and even solve crimes.
Truth: forensic results only help to gather evidence.

Myth: a gun with a silencer is almost silent.
Truth: the silencer suppresses the noise, but the shot is still audible.

Myth: any padlock you can open by shooting it.
Truth: little bullet is unlikely to penetrate the thick metal shackle of the lock.

Myth: the police can trace the call in one minute.
Truth: actually it takes about an hour.

Myth: during a free fall with a parachute you can easily chat.
Truth: you each other do not hear, roars wildly around the air.

Myth: a stopped heart, you can start using the defibrillator.
True: if a heart stopped beating, a defibrillator it will not start, but rather burned.

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