How to make a simple trap for mosquitoes, which kills insects with 98% efficiency

Summer finally came, the heat we’re still waiting, and the mosquitoes are already here. Of course, it is unlikely we will have the same insect like inhabitants of the Voronezh region, but be prepared still stands.

Found for you cheap and simple device that you can do with your hands. The principle of its operation use on U.S. military bases in malarial areas with fantastic results. There are many options Ovitrap, some easy and others require use of poison.

This trap for mosquitoes a simple and extremely effective — it kills a whole generation of mosquitoes before they get a chance to bite. After six weeks of use dies up to 98 percent of insects.

How it works

This trap for mosquitoes like honey to flies. They are everywhere looking for standing water in a dark place to lay eggs. For their short life span they make up to ten batches at different places. Mosquitoes live for blood, which they then turn into eggs. As soon as they get it, they are even faster looking for water.

Once mosquitoes lay eggs that hatch into larvae that crawl through the screen into the water and there turn into live mosquitoes, which are too large to drop through the screen back. Some time you won’t notice and will appear in the trap, nothing happens, but this process can take a week or two. So continue to fill the trap with water, and after six weeks it will be full of dead mosquitoes.

On an area of four thousand square meters will need 4-6 of these traps. As soon as you see that the trap is full, remove the screen and pour out dead insects and refill the water.

Step one: what you’ll need

1. Conventional plastic container, the more the better. Better in black, if not, you can paint or darken later.

2. Black socks.

3. Adhesive based on silicone.

4. Metal mesh or screen.

5. Wire.

Tools: drill, wire cutters, scissors and chalk.

Step two: drill the container two holes in the top to fit then the wire. Just below the drill holes with a diameter of 6 mm so that water does not reach the metal mesh.

Step three: glue the black sock to the container.

Apply glue to the bottom and then push the end of the sock. While the glue dries, take the screen.

Step four: place the container on a metal grid, draw the circle with chalk and cut out the screens for future traps.

Step five: cut pieces of wire to hang the trap on them. Usually enough two feet of length.

Step six: once the glue has dried, fit the sock around the circumference of the container to the very end.

Step seven: gently press the metal grid into the container and slightly press down so the screen was above the drilled holes in the bottom. Mosquito larvae will crawl through the mesh to the water, hatch and become too large to fly. If the water level is above the screen, then the trap will not work.

Step eight: insert the chopped wire into the holes in the top and fold to the inside.

Step nine: fill the bucket of water in the pond. Mosquitoes love standing water, so fresh water doesn’t work, it must be tainted.

Put all the traps in a bucket to fill with water. Excess water will flow out through the drilled holes. You can add a few pieces of dry dog food that the water remained stagnant and after heavy rain.

Step ten: hang the trap and begin to kill mosquitoes. Better to hang away from sun and wind in the trees or bushes. Rain water will refill the trap, which will work until you are filled with dead mosquitoes.

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