6 Soviet celebrities who died in car accidents

Although in the USSR, not everyone had cars and the traffic situation can not be compared with what is happening today, several Soviet celebrity died in car accidents. About any of course, we know, for example, with the participation of Viktor Tsoi and Valery Kharlamov other cases, a tragic ending was a surprise.

Eugene Urbanski

The actor, who was one of the most popular in the Soviet Union, was tragically killed on 5 November 1965 on the filming of “Director” in a car accident. It is curious that Urban didn’t want to play.

His wife Dzidra Ritenberga said: “I was pregnant with our daughter. In thirty-seven years is not easy. Therefore, we changed our tradition to always be together. Because of the harsh climate I would go with Eugene to Central Asia. The amazing thing is that he is not eager to work in this film. Maybe that’s why there was some kind of foreboding, a feeling of foreboding”.

The film was shot in 40 kilometers from Bhuj, the convoy had to drive on the sand, and the car of the hero of the Urban — to fly right through the sand dunes, overtake the column and head it. The most difficult frame in the scene — jump machine from one of the dunes — the actor has decided to perform independently.

First take went OK, but the second film was offered to make another one. On the second take, the car turned over. Athletic Markov, who was in the car with Urban, recalled: “the Car easily pulled away, raced down the floor for a moment hung in the air and suddenly lurched and bumped the front wheels on sand. In the next moment I was stunned stupid pain… someone’s hands dragged me across the sand. When I opened my eyes, saw the inverted “jeep”, and below it, Zhenya.”

From the received traumas the actor died on the way to the hospital. Three months after her husband’s death, his wife Dzidra birth to a daughter named Eugenia.

Leonid Bykov

Actor and Director, died in 1979. The bulls returned home from his dacha near Kiev. As the weather deteriorated, Leonid decided to return home earlier than planned. It was raining, the road was wet.

“Volga” at the wheel which was the Bulls trailed behind the tractor, which was traveling very slowly, so the actor decided to pass. At the same time in the oncoming lane was a truck.

Leonid saw it and started braking, but the car on the wet road had slid. The collision was of such force that the front wheels of the truck appeared in salon “Volga”.

Leonid Bykov died on the spot, and the driver of the truck, knowing who was in the car, run over by its wheels, crying.

The incident was investigated, with special predilection, the police consulted experts, racing drivers. The young truck driver was ready to go to jail, but proved innocent: the Bulls were sober, but he made a mistake, probably due to fatigue, until recently tried to prevent the collision, but could not.

Valery Kharlamov

Legendary hockey player were killed when could be in Canada, but at the last moment was not allowed in the national team when the team is already packing their things before heading to the airport.

Valery went to the cottage with my wife and her cousin, where, and returned with them the day of the tragedy. At the wheel “Volga” was Kharlamov’s wife Irina, when on a slippery road from a rain took out the car on the oncoming lane that was moving ZIL.

The driver of the ZIL Victor Krylov recalled: “the Road was free of traffic enough. And suddenly towards my lane flying “Volga”. She tried to evade the blow, so she was launched sideways. This side it to my bumper and hit. It again turned and kicked to the curb. I the policeman then said that they have the speedometer is stuck at 110 kilometers.”

“I was also dragged to the right, and I slid into a ditch. Then immediately the police. She went to Aremovie as specifically. I just recovered from the shock and went to help Lieutenant to remove people from cars. Behind the wheel was a woman. When I got it, she still gasped twice and died. And the two men pulled already dead. On the faces they had no scratches. Someone recognized one of Valery Kharlamov”.

Later it became known that the day before the accident on this stretch of asphalt is changed, and the transition of the old cover to the new has resulted in a protrusion height of five centimeters, which provoked the tragedy.

My wife Kharlamov did not have much experience driving, and I hit a bump, she lost control. While the oncoming truck was piled high with all the spare parts that are also influenced by the fatal accident.

Viktor Tsoi

August 15, 1990 at 12 hours, 28 minutes and rock musician died in a car accident on the 35th kilometer of the highway “Sloka — Talsi” at Tukums in Latvia.

According to the official version, Choi fell asleep at the wheel, and then his dark blue “the Muscovite-2141” flew into the oncoming lane and collided with the bus “Ikarus”.

While the car was moving on the highway with a minimum speed of 130 kilometers per hour.

Victor died instantly, the driver of the bus were not injured. According to the investigation, Choi was completely sober before death, and the analysis of the brain cells says that he fell asleep at the wheel, possibly from overwork.

There was also a version that Choi could get into an accident because of the fact that he decided to move the cassette in your tape recorder and distracted from the movement of dangerous turn. But the guitarist Yury Kasparyan in 2002 denied the existence of such a cassette with demos in the car of a musician.

Vera Ivleva

Comic actress, star of episodes of the brilliantly embodied the character of the neighbors, maids and aunts.

Vera died under mysterious circumstances on 8 January 1999 her body was found only in March, when the snow melted.

According to investigators, the actress was hit by a car and driver to cover his tracks, he buried his victim. The offender was not found.

The date 8 January is the day of death, because in this day Ivlev was last seen.

Oksana Kostina

20-year-old multiple champion in rhythmic gymnastics was planning to retire from professional sports, received numerous offers of commercial speech tournaments and shows, said that it intends to become a coach and nurture new stars. Dreamed about family and children.

But her dreams did not come true. 11 February 1993, the capital’s Domodedovo airport there was a car accident — “the Muscovite” at the wheel was a silver medalist of the Olympic games-92 in modern pentathlon Edward Zenovka, at full speed and flew into the oncoming lane, which was a heavy truck.

Kostina was a bride of Senouci and sat in the passenger seat. The girl died a few hours later after the accident from massive internal injuries.

Edward survived but lost a kidney, now retired, was engaged in business, but returned again. After a while he could tell about the incident: “the day I flew in from Australia, where he won a major international tournament. Dangled in the air 36 hours.”

“Of course, the plane is noted with teammates their victory, but the last 15 hours of alcohol in a mouth did not take. I say this because I heard then talking, say, Zenovka got behind the wheel drunk”.

“In Sheremetyevo airport I was met by my friend Oksana, who came there by car with my father, as my was in repair. Went with her to the airport Domodedovo — her coach asked me to give his friend some documents that needed to go to Irkutsk. The car did not 60-70 kilometers per hour, and the asphalt was not like slippery, so still can’t understand how it flew into the oncoming lane. Apparently, I just got distracted because we had not seen. The car seemed to have sucked into the vacuum cleaner”.

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