Than fed in hospitals of different countries

Usually hospitals not famous for delicious dishes, and patients are not even always desire something to eat. But there are exceptions — let’s see how fed in hospitals of different countries.

1. Sydney, Australia: pumpkin soup, braised chicken with apricots, green peas, mashed potatoes, bread, butter.

2. Germany: schnitzel, pasta, salad and pie.

3. Estonia: mashed potatoes, stew with cabbage, lettuce, glass of milk and bun.

4. Sweden: chicken with rice and vegetables, orange.

5. Massachusetts, USA: salad, chicken soup with crackers, orange.

6. Poland: bread and butter, cucumber and liverwurst.

7. Malvern, Australia: lamb tagine, broccoli, corn, soup, sandwiches, fruit, muffin and butter.

8. Japan: noodles, vegetables, prawns, meat, fish, soup, fruit.

9. Dubai, UAE: spaghetti, steak, salad, soup, bread, yoghurt, cake.

10. Paris, France: a salad with smoked salmon, chicken with zucchini, cake, baguette.

11. Malaysia: fried chicken with noodles.

12. Britain: minestrone soup, pie with beef and onions, steamed vegetables, banana.

13. Norway: bread, salad, chicken, oil.

14. Tokyo, Japan: miso soup, rice, chicken, pickles.

15. Jakarta, Indonesia: noodles, chicken, eggs, broth, rice porridge.

16. New York: patties of salmon, rice with saffron sauce, pumpkin, asparagus, soup and banana cake.

17. Richmond, Canada: braised pork, Chinese cabbage, rice, milk, melon.

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