20 extraordinary photos that break all known laws of physics

There are pictures to be looked at, and in my head there is only one question: how? What is happening in these pictures is so incredible that they seem to violate all conceivable laws of physics. But, it turns out, it is the knowledge of the basic rules of physics course allows you to do amazing things that before we only saw in fairy tales and movies with special effects.

We have collected for you 20 pictures you won’t believe your eyes!

1. It seems the roof is a little left.

2. Player jenga 80 level.

3. Dare to go there?

4. Just a ball. Just hammered a nail.

5. The conqueror waves.

6. Stones who know Zen.

7. He just wanted to get back.

8. A good shot.

9. Mountain goats spit on your grav.

10. And, just a machine on the wall… wait, what?

11. On the same thought.

12. The little mermaid is not the same.

13. Drank some water during the flight.

14. Glass physics.

15. Two of the world.

16. Very handy stand.

17. Weightless dog.

18. You’ve dabbled in?

19. The underwater Moses bridge, the Netherlands.

20. Ah! No… Ah-Ah-Ah!

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