Photographer Gunel Guseynova: fairy tale all around us

Gunel Huseynova — Azerbaijan photographer and Illustrator, who breathed the tale in a familiar urban landscapes in Baku.

Huseynova Gunel ([email protected]) is one of the most striking examples of what good and kind deeds to become famous, just the same. About this girl you will hardly find much information on the Internet, but her cute fabulous work here and some adorn the covers of most of the communities in social networks. We only know that Gunel lives and works in Baku, she graduated from the Azerbaijan architecture and construction University, she’s 22, she’s a self-taught photographer and a big lover of everything beautiful.

First work Gunel Huseynova was seen in 2016 in the framework of the project “They are there…” and immediately attracted the attention of fans of all that is good and positive. The purpose of the project is a young and talented girl was sent on a mission to show everyone that in our life there is a place for positive and a fairy tale, even in the usual places and corners of our cities.

Work Gunel Huseynova is literally saturated with the atmosphere of warmth, kindness and comfort. It turns out this is all thanks to the great duet from colorful disney characters and distinctive soulful style of urban images depicting ordinary streets is welcome in Baku. offers you a couple of minutes to plunge into the tale and enjoy the wonderful works written by this creative and cheerful girl.

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