In Japan there is a temple dedicated to the female breast, and that’s fine

Welcome to Japanese temple, exclusively dedicated to the female breast. Located at the foot of the mountain Koya-San in the small settlement of Kudama temple Zion in probably one of the most unique Buddhist shrines in Japan.

Outside the temple is not different from any other. But as soon as you enter, the interior will remind you that you are in a truly special place. Inside you can find thousands of wooden signs with Breasts made of foam and fabric, plastic or paint.

Initially, the temple, Jison-in was built as the entrance to the sacred mountain of Koya-San. But one day here came the doctor with a special prayer for one of his patients, who suffered from breast cancer, and in the temple the transformation began. The doctor asked permission to bring to the temple an offering in the form of the breast. Ministers agreed, and soon a new tradition was born.

Since the advent of the first pair of Breasts, people from all over the country began to come to the temple to add my mini-chest for offerings. Some visitors are praying for a healthy pregnancy, while others ask the gods for a stable lactation or recovery from breast cancer.

The tradition is somewhat strange, but the gist of it just fine. That only raises the question: what percentage of those plates here along with a prayer for increase or decrease in the chest? Surely such prayers are very common among the parishioners of this Church.

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