Vending machines in Japan

Urban residents are accustomed to the sight of vending machines on every corner. Buying products through these machines is very convenient and fast. Well, unless of course, they are not broken or not over the product you need. But if in most countries in the machines, you can buy a limited number of products, Japan has broken all records for the number of machines and the variety sold in these products. Japan is a country of vending machines!

1. Who needs workers to sell meat and vegetables, if this can make the machine?

2. Here’s what you can buy in vending machines in Japan.

3. For the rest of the world it may seem strange, but for the Japanese it’s okay to buy machine vegetables.

4. Eggs from a vending machine? Easily!

5. Vending machines eggs more like some of the scenery fantastic film.

6. Fortunately, once you lower the coin trigger mechanism that allows you to open the door. So it’s not standard machine, where the products fall into the tray at the bottom, otherwise you’d get scrambled eggs.

7. Bananas.

8. Bananas not much happens.

9. Or maybe you prefer tomatoes?

10. But if at a party you suddenly run out of ice – it can always be bought in the vending machine. Of course, if you are in Japan.

11. Before moving on to the other specific machines, it should be said that such a business in Japan very thriving. There are machines on almost every step.

12. Sometimes even too much, but apparently, the demand for such goods is still there.

13. This machine is in the temple. Apparently, priests have no time to bother with Souvenirs, so they decided to install a vending machine.

14. Also in Japan you can buy in vending machines ice cream and not to stand in queues.

15. Forgot about the birthday child? Not a problem! These toy machines are about 5000-10000 yen apiece (around $ 70-120). And judging by the huge machines, it seems that parents forget about their children much more often than you think.

16. Just insert, open the compartment and remove the toy.

17. Give the girls flowers as often as possible!

18. By the way, is very convenient, given that hour flower shops not so much.

19. Even the Japanese branch of the “Disney” could not resist the manufacturing of machines.

20. After a hard day at office what could be better than beer? But what if time to go to your favorite bar does not have? Machines then just salvation. It seems that the Japanese have more trust in their young people, given that you can buy beer in these machines can even children.

21. By the way, in such machines there is always the choice of brands.

22. Homer Simpson would like in Japan!

23. If you don’t drink beer, you can buy a bottle of milk or orange juice.

24. Coming home from work and decided to watch a movie? Will buy something new. Of course, from a vending machine.

25. This machine sells… t-shirts. Yes, t-shirts in a special dense packing.

26. Forget the tie, and you have scheduled an important meeting? The machines will help!

27. Batteries. But it really is a very useful machine.

28. Here you come out from home to work, and in the evening suddenly began to rain. Strong. To get wet not really want to wait out the rain at work, too. And then just a vending machine with umbrellas… Why not?

29. Gloves also come in handy. You never know what…

30. Broke the strap on the bra? In Japan in the machines, you can even buy underwear.

31. If you want a snack in Japan is really fast fast food. From rifles.

32. Although, doesn’t look very appetizing.

33. If you are tired of noodles, you can buy something else. For example, hot dog or fries. And, it looks like you can choose potatoes pozazharistee.

34. In many countries vending machines for cigarettes have been banned. But not in Japan. And, judging by this picture on the machine, Smoking leads to lung cancer and to build muscle. This Mr Muscle downright “bursting” with health.

35. In General, advertising attracts customers in Japan as well as everywhere else.

36. In many Japanese clothing stores you can even buy a pig in a poke. See these products with a question mark. This is probably for those who don’t know what he wants, but clearly knows what he wants to spend the money.

37. And finally, in Japan there are vending machines where you can purchase “adult products”. Or perhaps nurse costume. And don’t need a conspiratorial smirk – he is not for what you think. In the end, the Japanese are obsessed with cosplayers.

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