Thriller in Africa: a fight to the death with a hungry Hippo

Africa is a country where danger lurks at every turn. The locals have every day the chance to become someone’s dinner. Wild nature is merciless in its justice: survival of the fittest. In this battle, the man rarely wins, but this is one of those when he managed to escape.

He felt that the man, being trapped in a huge hungry Hippo, and how he managed to get the details of the extremely topical stories read on.

Man’s struggle for life lasted 10 minutes that someone thought infinity. Matthew Wanjiku (Mathew Wanjiuku) came to fish on lake Naivasha in Kenya, where there are about two thousand hippos. As a result, he himself was caught by a huge hippopotamus.

One of the most powerful and dangerous animals of the African continent seriously injured Kenyan. Fortunately, Matthew quickly began to look scared and the terrible Hippo loud sounds of metal shields.

The time of the attack: the Hippo opens huge mouth to bite the guy
Painful shock: one of the most powerful and dangerous animal in Africa bites and seriously injures Matthew

Matthew tried to run away and hide under a fallen tree, but the hippopotamus had caught up with him. He could eat a fisherman just a few minutes by biting off his victim’s limbs and torso.

The time of the incident managed to capture the 47-year-old Federico Genovese (Genovese Frederico), Italian photographer who came to the lake for wildlife photography.

“I heard the deafening roar of a hippopotamus behind one of the guides who accompanied us. He’s already opened his mouth to bite his victim,” says Frederico.

Huge Behemoth held man in captivity for 10 minutes, not giving him a chance to escape
People who searched for Matthew, scared the bloodthirsty beast with the sounds of metal shields, and he left his victim

The Hippo grabbed the man and was going to crush. The furious animal shook his head and raised his front legs.

Rescuers struggled began to Bang on the metal shield to get rid of a pissed-off beast. They managed to do it only after 10 minutes.

Matthew came together and made a life-saving breakthrough, getting out of the swamp. After that he was immediately sent to the hospital. The doctors found that, fortunately, a man’s life is not in danger. All the injuries were only superficial. Now the guy has recovered.

Wild nature gives man the opportunity to observe and enjoy them, but merciless to those who violate its rules. Animals protect their territory from intruders. Therefore, it is better not to risk and not to invade their possessions. And you still want to go to Africa to have fun on a Safari?

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