Bikini”sneekin”: hot photos of stars in the middle of cold snowdrifts

Winter delights us with fluffy snow and freezing weather. A famous beauty — with their candid pictures in the middle of high snow drifts. Meet the new trend of January — “sneekin”, which stars a bold show in the photos. Hot shots watch.

Kendall Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian and Rihanna decided to show the world their bravery and beautiful body sharing a candid photo in bikini on the background of snow.

Who is interested in banal shots in bathing suits on the background of the pool or the sea? Here in a bikini, right in the middle of the snow drifts! New trend of winter — “sneekin” — blasts social network.

All star beauties, the sisters Kardashian to Rihanna, naked and baracouda in the snow in sub-zero temperatures in the name of fashion.
Kendall posted a picture of the new trend

Taking the example of 23-year-old supermodel Jenner, glamorous elite quickly picked up a new idea. Socialite began to be photographed in shorts in the middle of the Blizzard.

39-year-old Kourtney Kardashian was the first who followed the fashion example and imprinted itself on the same spot in the same position as Kendall.
Courtney copied everything from sister Kendall, but she covered the top fashion a silver bomber jacket

Apart of the Kardashian sisters, in the middle of the snow is stripped and such famous beauty as toffolo GA (Georgia Toffolo), Meraya Kerry and Pixie Lott (Pixie Lott).
Pixie Lott even sat down on the snow
Toff even cleaned the snow shovel
Sisters Rumer was photographed in a bikini on a background of winter landscape

25-year-old Sarah ray (Sahra Ray) also got a picture in a bright yellow bikini superadditum.
Sarah ray made a picture similar to the photo Kendall
It’s not like the girl was freezing in her mini bikini

Model slides down from the snowy hills in freezing weather

Kim Kardashian is not left behind, but wearing a warm fur boots, so as not to freeze your shapely legs.
Kim also likes fashion “sneekin”

Rihanna and Mariah Carey supported the idea and took the photo in a swimsuit on a ringing frost.
48-year-old Mariah Carey is said to swim in the middle of winter — they Uspenskaya family tradition
26-year-old Rihanna took a chance to ride a roller coaster in a bikini on her birthday

Here’s a hot trend in the cold season. Looking at these pictures, I can’t say that the star beauty are cold. Why not do it in the name of her Majesty Fashion.

Would you dare to dive into a snowdrift naked for the sake of a good frame?

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